Misadventures in Stamping: I’ll Buy Some Butterflies For A Dime?

Pueen has really captured my heart lately. That mixed with my desire to improve my stamping skills have come together to add some extra pizzaz to my Dime Piece manicure that I reviewed for you yesterday. I wanted something summery but didn’t want it to detract from the fantastic holographic finish of the manicure. I wanted it to be detailed but didn’t want it to cover up the base polish in the same way that some stamping images can. This led me to Pueen 39.


All the butterflies on this plate just scream summer. When I saw my Dime Piece manicure in the sunshine, I knew that it needed a summery touch. It’s a gorgeous colour on its own but I haven’t seen many people stamping on Enchanted Polishes in the stamping groups that I am in. There are some but it’s much more rare than stamping on OPI or even Butter London. When I was looking at my manicure, it reminded me a little of sun blindness. It was so bright and holographic that I wanted to invoke seeing the black silhouettes that you get when you look too close to the sun. So, off I went to add these special touches to my gorgeous manicure.


My transfers went perfectly! I used Mundo de Uñas  black stamping polish and my rectangular squishy stamper. I don’t think I mentioned where I bought the stamper from. I got it from a company called Fab Ur Nails. I’m not 100% sure where they’re based out of. I bought my stamper through a woman who distributes for them in the United States. I found her in a Facebook Group called Adventures in Stamping. That group was what really pushed me to work at my stamping. I chose two designs off of the Pueen 39 plate and alternated them along my nails.


I love the results of this. It really invokes the summery nature that I wanted. I’m not sure if it’s quite the sun blindness that I envisioned for the manicure but it does give me hope that my stamping is coming along. Maybe soon I’ll be brave enough to try to make decals. This design would be fantastic for that. The butterflies could be amazing colours! I digress though. My conclusion here is that I love this manicure. The butterflies add something really special and I’m reminded of how much I love the quality of Pueen plates for the price that you pay. They’re etched beautifully and transfer like a dream.


Misadventures In Stamping: Love For The Love Elements

Yesterday I posted a review on Bri’s Hella Holo by Liquid Sky Lacquer. I wasn’t sure if I had wanted to do a stamped mani on that polish but in the end said “What the hay! I’ll do it” It was a tricky decision though for what to do on it. In the end, I chose to go with something from the Pueen Love Elements Set. I chose this because Ginger from Ginger Loves Makeup mentioned that she had purchased the set as well. What can I say? I’m easily influenced.


The plate I chose was the last one in the set. I wanted something a little more detailed but I also wanted the holographic pigment in my base polish to show through. The bottom image on Pueen 49 jumped out to me right away. After I found my image, the next thing to do was decide what colour to do for the stamping. I wanted to stay neutral because of the beautiful smoky grey colour of Bri’s Hella Holo. In the end, I chose Mundo de Uñas  Silver. The only disappointment I had was discovering that my polish had separated badly. With a lot of vigorous shaking, I got it back to normal and it stamped beautifully though. Continue reading

Tristam and I Will Take This Path More Often!

Today’s manicure is another one in my set of birthday month manicures. It features polishes from two different companies. Emily de Molly is an indie company based out of Australia. The maker is going to be taking a break from polish making for a while soon because she is having a baby. So, it might be a little hard to track down her goodies for a while. A England is a polish company based in the UK. If you live in the UK, you’re a lucky duck and can buy directly from them. I’m lucky enough to have Nail Polish Canada around to hook me up with my A England fixes. The also carry Emily de Molly from time to time as well. IMG_0715 The two beauties that I used are pictured above. The base colour for this manicure is Path Less Taken by Emily de Molly and Tristam by A England was used for my stamping. The bottles used by both of these companies are quite similar. I’ve come to really like the shape of these bottles. When I paint my nails, I tend to hold the bottle between my knees and find that the little square bottles stay nicely put there. The round bottles from other companies can feel a little precarious when I hold them that way. I still do it though! Continue reading

Misadventures In Stamping: Summer Flowers Edition

I mentioned my misadventures in stamping in my recent “New Year” post. So, I figured I’d kick things off with a post about that exact subject. I’ve been delving a lot more into stamping lately and trying to spice up most of my manicures with it. I have a special spot in my heart for Pueen stamping plates because the Love Elements set from them were the first stamping plates that I bought. Recently, I purchased the Stamping Buffet set from them to add to my growing collection. Boy! I am so in love with these plates.


The plate that I am the most in love with is Pueen 72. It has this amazing Hawaiian feel to it. I instantly feel summery when I use this plate. I’ve actually used it twice since getting the set at the beginning of the month. I love that this is a full plate design and that you can pick and choose the areas that you want from it. Every nail will be different but it still gives a cohesive look. Continue reading

Debra Dances With The Dragon… in Argyle?

“Debra” was my first polish that I ever tried from Julep. It was the perfect place for me to start. This was part of my free box that I got when I started out the Maven subscription in May of last year. I used the code “FREEBOX” to get it for free. The reason that I signed up for Julep’s Maven program was the flexibility of it. Julep curates a few boxes of polishes and products, made by them, every month for Mavens to buy for $20 or skip if they so choose. They are made to fit different customer profiles. When I signed up, I chose “Classic With A Twist” but you can change your box and take a different profile anytime you choose. As a Maven, you get free shipping on a purchases through Julep’s website. When I signed up, you were free to skip any monthly box that you didn’t want for any reason. I’m sad to see Julep change that though. As of December 18th, new Mavens will earn a skip for every 6 monthly boxes that they buy. If you were a maven before December 18th, you are “grandmothered in” to the old policy and can still skip anytime you want. So, hold onto those old Maven accounts ladies!


Now for the actual polish. “Debra” is described as a smoky taupe creme by Julep. I think that describes it perfectly. The colour is beautiful, light, and neutral. The application was wonderful as well. The polish was not too thick and not too thin. For opacity, it was very very close to being a one coat application. I added a second coat just to be safe to avoid any balding spots that might show up in the sunshine. The brush handle is really long but once you get used to that it is really easy to apply Julep polishes. I really loved this polish the first time that I tried it and I fell in love with it all over again when I put it on my nails again so many months later. Continue reading

The Owl’s Return In Time For Fall

I’ve recently discovered a love for Butter London’s polishes. The application is dreamy and smooth and the colours are outstanding. I’ve found that I tend to need three coats for opacity but that could be a combination of their formula with my application. Either way, I’ve fallen in love. It’s terrible for my bank account but my nails are very happy with me. Because of this, I’ve been snapping some more up when some of the ladies I know have been wanting to part with theirs. It’s nice to only have to pay $10 instead of $15 or $17 for them. A note to all the Canadian ladies here: The Bay sells Butter London polishes for $15. It’s a discovery that I was happy to make.


This beauty is “Yummy Mummy”. The name itself doesn’t do much for me but it is a great neutral creme. I’ve been looking for a good one ever since my mini bottle of Sephora by OPI “Don’t Feed The Hand Models” has started to get down to the last leg of its life. It’s not an overly unique colour but it is lovely. If you have the chance to snap it up for less than full price, I’d say go for it. If not I’m sure you can find an OPI, Chine Glaze, or Zoya that is probably very similar for cheaper. I don’t know of any dupes off the top of my head but I am sure that they are out there. Continue reading