There’s A First Time For Everything

This is the final post in my four part series about a mini grab bag that I got from Indie Polish. I love that buying these supports a lovely Canadian polish maker. It doesn’t hurt that the polishes are fantastic. I loved the surprise of not knowing what I was getting but still able to trust that I would like the majority of them. Thankfully “First Time” was no different from the rest in my mix of new polishes. It is different from my usual colours though.


“First Time” is a sheer almost nude toned pink with amazing blurple iridescent glitters. In some lights I thought the glitters were blue and in others I thought they looked purple. I really liked them either way but they were so hard to capture on camera. That’s fine for the most part though. When the vast majority of people paint their nails it’s more about how it look in person than how it looks in the pictures that they send to their friends and the rest of the internet!

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My Love Has Been Tainted


L-R “Take A Chill Pill”, “Tainted Love”, and “Rock The Casbah”.

This is the second part of my five part series of Dollish polish reviews. The first three reviews in this series are for three of the polishes from their “That’s So 80’s” collection. They’re a mix of fun neons with and even more fun glitter mix. Today’s post will feature “Tainted Love”. This polish was the reason that this series was delayed. As you can see in the photo above, All of the glitter has sunk to the bottom of this polish. There seems to be something wrong with the suspension mixture in this polish. It might have something to do with the fact that these polishes have a very very thin consistency. I waited to do these reviews until I had a bottle of Nail Pattern Boldness’s “Glitter Food” in my greedy little paws. It was the only thing I could think that might save this polish from being one that I was going to hate. Continue reading