I’ll Dance With Roses For Her

We’re going to start today with my favourite polish in my whole collection. That is really saying something since I have a lot of polishes. For some reason I keep going back to this one time and time again. It’s just the right mix of light and pigmented. It’s a lovely polish from A England named Her Rose Adagio. It’s from their Ballerina Collection.


Her Rose Adagio is beautiful in the bottle. As soon as I bought her I knew I would be in love. Thankfully the formula is fantastic as well. A England seems to really know what they are doing. This one came in a collection of four pretty light holographic shades. To start out with, Her Rose Adagio was the only one that I owned from that collection. I’ve worn her quite a few times, as you can see from the fill line on my bottle above. The opacity that they give in their polishes really helps with my love though. If this were a polish that needed 3 or 4 coats, I’d be running out of it fast. I’ve already done 5 or 6 manicures on my fingernail of varying lengths and only have a very small fill line.


I did this look before I hacked off my lovely nails. I really do like that little bit of extra length when I’m painting my nails. If my nails are nude (no polish), I don’t like them very long though. It’s an odd quirk about me. If they’re long, they’re always with a lovely varnish on them. This varnish is particularly lovely. It’s a soft ballerina pink holographic polish. The holo is not in your face with this one though. It gives just the right amount of shine. Application was utterly perfect! This is two coats but it was nearly opaque at one. It was smooth and easy to apply and dried very quickly. The opacity and application are what keep drawing me to A England. With this being my favourite polish in my collection, I think they might be my favourite brand in it as well.


This is a sunny shot of Her Rose Adagio. As you can see the linear holo is subtle but definitely there. If you like neutral colours with a bit of pink, I think you’d love this colour as well. The subtle nature of the holographic pigments in this polish helps to keep it looking pink. Since it’s such a light colour, I think if it were a very strong holo, the base colour would just end up looking nude in the sunlight. I’m happy she’s pink though and will definitely keep dancing with Her Rose Adagio whenever the fancy strikes me.


Duck! Duck! Mallard!

Today’s manicure that I’m sharing was one that I did in April. April was my birthday month! This means a little more than just that my birthday happened in April. I’m in a cute little group on Facebook that consists of only a handful of ladies, eleven at the moment. We each have a month that is our month. In that month, the other ten ladies send the birthday girl a present. I received a lot of polish in that month and it made for some fantastic manicures! So, even though April is long over, I love these manicures so much that I’m going to share them with you as well.


Mallard was my first polish from piCture pOlish. This company is based out of Australia and makes a lot of fantastic collaborations with bloggers. I know I’m just a small fish in a big pond and have been very scatter brained with my reviews. So, I have no delusions that I will be one of these bloggers but I think it would be a crazy experience to team up with a polish maker. Back to talking about Mallard though. Mallard was a collaboration with The PolishAholic. Continue reading

Misadventures In Stamping: Summer Flowers Edition

I mentioned my misadventures in stamping in my recent “New Year” post. So, I figured I’d kick things off with a post about that exact subject. I’ve been delving a lot more into stamping lately and trying to spice up most of my manicures with it. I have a special spot in my heart for Pueen stamping plates because the Love Elements set from them were the first stamping plates that I bought. Recently, I purchased the Stamping Buffet set from them to add to my growing collection. Boy! I am so in love with these plates.


The plate that I am the most in love with is Pueen 72. It has this amazing Hawaiian feel to it. I instantly feel summery when I use this plate. I’ve actually used it twice since getting the set at the beginning of the month. I love that this is a full plate design and that you can pick and choose the areas that you want from it. Every nail will be different but it still gives a cohesive look. Continue reading

Am I The Walrus?

On Monday I posted about my experience with the Enchanted restock on Nail Polish Canada’s website. It was a stressful, invigorating, and somewhat fun experience for me. The best part of it was that two days later the Canada Post man came to my door with a box of four lovely new polishes in it.

The difficult decision for me was which one I should use first. I really couldn’t decide. They were all so lovely. “Mean Mr. Mustard” was the polish that I had been eyeing up for a while. “Hey Jude” was the polish that added some missing green in my collection. “Across The Universe” was the first Enchanted polish that I had ever heard of. Then there was “I Am The Walrus”. He was the polish that almost got away. He got cart jacked out of my cart on the first restock on the website. Thankfully, they did a mini one an hour later. I went back specifically to snatch him up.

Even the box looks so enchanting on this polish. My Enchanted polishes will be staying in their boxes because I love them so much. They will all get used though!

Even the box looks so enchanting on this polish. My Enchanted polishes will be staying in their boxes because I love them so much. They will all get used though!

So, there was my answer. It had to be the one that almost got away! I absolutely love this polish. It had an amazing shine even when it wasn’t sunny out… and that was every day except the last day that I wore it. I wore this for a total of 4 days and only had minimal tip wear on my nails.


This is a photo in shaded natural light. Like most days recently, this photo was taken on a day with no sun. I took this photo on day two of wear because I did this mani on my way out to go to work. You can see a little bit of the tip wear in this photo. I used Butter London Nail Foundation as a base and Butter London Hardwear as a top coat. They are my go to base and top coat. So, it will be sad but I think I should try another base and top coat combo and see if I get less tip wear.


The part I love most about this polish is the amazing colour shift in it. I couldn’t quite capture how amazing it is in the outside swatch photo. In that photo you can see how it goes from  bronze to burgundy. In this photo, underwater, you can see the full range of shift in this polish. I really really love it. I can see why Enchanted Polish has such a crazy cult following.

Have you tried Enchanted Polish before? Are you willing to go through the craziness of an Enchanted restock just for an amazing polish like this?

A Trip into the Bog of Eternal Stench

Now that fall seems to be approaching at light speed, it feels like the perfect time to start taking out some lovely fall colours that I have had rolling in. I’ve been desperate to start using some of these lovely colours. It’s so odd that when it comes to weather I, like many people, am seemingly impossible to please. This summer has been one of the most amazing one, in terms of weather, that the west coast has seen in a few years. The sun seemed to be never ending! As a result, by the time that August hit, I was ready for it to be fall.


“Bog of Eternal Stench” is a lovely colour from The Lady Varnishes. It was one of the polishes that I chose to receive in a grab bag that I got from a friend in a swap group that I am a part of on Facebook. This was one of the ones that I was most excited for. The green just screams fall to me. The mix of glitter in this polish gives it a wonderful murky quality to it. I think that’s where the bog from the name comes into play.


This photo is taken in natural light, in the shade. I love the depth and murky qualities of this polish. When I only had one coat of polish on, the green did not look like it was going to be a very good colour. The glitter was nice but the colour was just gross. It all got better on coat number two though. Coat two is what gave this great mossy green colour. I added coat three for this photo to give some great depth on the nail. The mix of gold and green glitter feel suspended within the green when it’s on top of my nail.


This bottle shot shows how amazing the glitter in this polish really is. There is teeny tiny little hex shaped and medium sized hex shaped glitter suspended in the green. I really love how the little glitter just gives a great glow to the polish. Then the larger glitter adds some fun to the show. I’m loving indie brands for polish more and more as this year goes on. This is an amazing example of why I’m starting to love them so much . The colour on this polish feels very unique to me. I could be wrong but I don’t see OPI, Essie, or even Maybelline coming out with a colour like this one.

What do you think? Is this murky green a colour that you would like to try for fall?

I’m looking forward to being Enchanted!

Today was the first time for me to endure the stress-fest that is an Enchanted restock. The restock was on Nail Polish Canada and was limited to Canadians only. This gave me a much better chance of actually scoring some of these very coveted items. My goal for this restock was to try and get some of the “Imagine” collection because I had heard that this is the last time that it will ever be restocked. Well, I lucked out in the biggest way possible.

This photo is not one of mine. It came from http://www.chalkboardnails.com/2013/02/enchanted-polish-imagine-collection.html and all the credit for it’s amazing-ness should go to there and Enchanted Polish. I look forward to taking some of my own Enchanted Polish photos when my polish arrives.

6:00pm PST hit and I quickly refreshed my browser on the page that listed the imagine collection. I loaded up my card with “Across The Universe”, “Magical Mystery Tour”, “Hey Jude”, “Mean Mr. Mustard”, and “I Am The Walrus”. I went to check out and quickly had “Magical Mystery Tour” jacked out of my cart. Then I made an attempt to check out with the rest and “I Am The Walrus” was jacked out of my cart as well. On the third attempt to check out, it worked! I got “Across The Universe”, “Hey Jude”, and “Mean Mr. Mustard”. At this point, I was completely satisfied with my purchase but a little sad of my lack of “I Am The Walrus”. I was especially sad since I thought I’d never have a chance to ever buy this again.

That’s when I went on to Nail Polish Canada’s Facebook page to thank them for an awesome restock. They had posted on there that some non canadians had tried to order and that those order would be refunded. Then at 7:00pm PST another mini restock would happen. So, just after 7:00pm I went onto the Enchanted page just for curiosity sake to see if I could land myself some “I Am The Walrus”. I lucked out so much. Now I just have to pray that they didn’t oversell and that it will be on it’s way to me soon. I can’t help but get excited for my first try at Enchanted.

I don’t think I’ll be trying the future restocks though. This restock was very stressful even though I tried to just brush it off as unimportant. I do understand that nail polish is not that important in the grand scheme of things and it should not be a problem if I come out of a restock with nothing. I think I’m just an easily stressed person though. But then again, I say all this while I had no intention of attending todays restock. I think I’m just being silly while still being excited for the new polishes.