Bri’s Hella Holo for Brie!

Sharing is caring. The polish to be featured today was one that was going unloved by a woman that I know and she lovingly let me take off of her hands. It’s from a brand called Liquid Sky Lacquer. This is an indie brand based out of the United States and is run by a lovely woman named Carolyn. I think it’s cute that on the bottles it says “Liquid Sky Lacquer, [the name of the polish] by Carolyn”. It gives it a little bit more of that indie feel to be connected in that way to the maker.


Bri’s Hella Holo is a gorgeous smoky grey colour. On the website it does say that it is black. I wouldn’t go as far as saying that this is a black holographic polish because it definitely looks a lot more grey to me. Black holographic polishes are incredibly hard to make though. The reason for this is that holographic pigment will naturally grey whatever base colour it is in. So, a white holographic polish will look like a very light grey and a black one would look like a deep dark one. I have seen darker than Bri’s Hella Holo though. Something like Black Tea and Texas Gold by Colors by Llarowe comes to mind. I must admit that I mostly bought this polish for the name. My nickname that is used by members of my family is Brie. Continue reading


An Ugly Bar To Make You Pretty

Oh wow it has been a while! Life has been busy lately. Who would have thought that the dregs of winter in Canada would be so busy. In past years, I remember this time being slow and boring. The weather has been just as all over the place as my mind has been these days. One day it’s sunny and warm, the next day it’s cold and snowing. This has thrown my skin for a bit of a loop. It’s not as bad as it has been in past years and I think I know who’s helping me out with that. So, I’ve decided to share my dirty little secret with you. It’s not a pretty one to describe but it’s one that I hope will help others having battles with their skin as well.


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