Bri’s Hella Holo for Brie!

Sharing is caring. The polish to be featured today was one that was going unloved by a woman that I know and she lovingly let me take off of her hands. It’s from a brand called Liquid Sky Lacquer. This is an indie brand based out of the United States and is run by a lovely woman named Carolyn. I think it’s cute that on the bottles it says “Liquid Sky Lacquer, [the name of the polish] by Carolyn”. It gives it a little bit more of that indie feel to be connected in that way to the maker.


Bri’s Hella Holo is a gorgeous smoky grey colour. On the website it does say that it is black. I wouldn’t go as far as saying that this is a black holographic polish because it definitely looks a lot more grey to me. Black holographic polishes are incredibly hard to make though. The reason for this is that holographic pigment will naturally grey whatever base colour it is in. So, a white holographic polish will look like a very light grey and a black one would look like a deep dark one. I have seen darker than Bri’s Hella Holo though. Something like Black Tea and Texas Gold by Colors by Llarowe comes to mind. I must admit that I mostly bought this polish for the name. My nickname that is used by members of my family is Brie. Continue reading


Another Dose Of Glamour

Happy March everyone! Today I have a review of my February Glam Box. I was sent this box for the price of shipping to review for you. This is my third box from this service. I really love the large variety of products that you get inside this box. I was so excited that I was actually quite angry at Canada Post when they decided that they would rather I pick it up at my post office than have them deliver it. I was actually home all morning but CP decided to take it back to the post office.


This box is very well packaged. It feels a lot like Christmas while I’m opening up my box. When I opened my box, I considered doing the review right away but I wanted to try out a few of the products first so that this would be a little more than an initial unboxing review. Continue reading

A Custom Valentine… Just For Me!

Since I’m single, Valentine’s Day doesn’t have the same allure to me that it does to some other people. It’s more of a day to ignore and a day to just be with myself. Last year I had a customer give me chocolate while I was at work. This year was a little different. I was involved with a Valentine’s Day swap. My Valentine was particularly generous as well.


The big part of this present was three polishes from an indie brand. These are by Eat Sleep Polish. A lovely Canadian girl makes them. She even makes great holographic polishes and even more fantastic custom polishes for people. The blue one on the left is called “Sucker Punch”. The pink polish is called¬†The Queen’s Croquet”. The polish in the middle was the big one for me. It’s a custom that was made just for me. It’s called “Dragonfly Tamer”. My Valentine knew that I really love yellows. So, that makes this perfect for me. Continue reading

There’s A First Time For Everything

This is the final post in my four part series about a mini grab bag that I got from Indie Polish. I love that buying these supports a lovely Canadian polish maker. It doesn’t hurt that the polishes are fantastic. I loved the surprise of not knowing what I was getting but still able to trust that I would like the majority of them. Thankfully “First Time” was no different from the rest in my mix of new polishes. It is different from my usual colours though.


“First Time” is a sheer almost nude toned pink with amazing blurple iridescent glitters. In some lights I thought the glitters were blue and in others I thought they looked purple. I really liked them either way but they were so hard to capture on camera. That’s fine for the most part though. When the vast majority of people paint their nails it’s more about how it look in person than how it looks in the pictures that they send to their friends and the rest of the internet!

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Because It’s Better Than Sex…

I wasn’t too sure what to call this post. With a name like “Better Than Sex”, a polish will have a lot to live up to. Polish is a guilty pleasure of mine though. I like to indulge and when I think of something named “Better Than Sex” I think it should be something like chocolate. I was pleasantly surprised that this one ventured outside of the box a little bit though.


“Better Than Sex” is a deep dark shimmer purple in the bottle. I had a clear idea of what it should look like on the nail when I looked at the bottle. At first I thought, “this is a polish I’ve seen about a million times before”. Oh Boy! Was I ever wrong! It’s not entirely my fault that I was wrong though. “Better Than Sex” dries to a matte finish. As a Result, it looks quite different than what it looks like in the bottle.


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Sipping Up Some Cocoa In My Cabin.


“Cocoa In My Cabin” was the second polish from my mini grab bag that I tried on my nails. It’s not your typical brown colour and that’s what I really like about it. I really like these little mini bottles as well. The brush works and gives good coverage. It’s not difficult to handle. I can see why so many indie brands out there are using them for the mini sizes of their polishes. They also give a generous amount in them. It’s 5ml! Please ignore the 15ml label on the “Cocoa In My Cabin” bottle in the photo above. “Cocoa In My Cabin” is the polish from my grab bag that was already in the shop previous to my buying it. The etsy shop is currently closed but will reopen on Tuesday, February 4th with lots of new goodies in it.


“Cocoa In My Cabin” was another perfect two coater. The first coat was a little patchy but applied nicely. The second coat evened everything out and gave a great shiny finish. The photo above was taken by a window inside my apartment. It was gross and raining outside. Usually I will venture out and take pictures if it is lightly raining but this time it was a full downpour outside. You do get the nice warm brown feel outside that you see in the photo above though. Continue reading

An Indie Spotlight On Judith Stein

Recently, Indie Polish had some mini grab bags on sale for $16 shipped. I really loved two out of the three polishes that I had bought from Indie Polish in September. So, for that price, I decided to take the risk. These mini grab bags included four mini polishes each. I was lucky enough to be sent four unreleased polishes from Tanya. Shipping came quite fast. When they arrived on my doorstep, I had to try them out as son as possible.


The four polishes that I received are all in currently unreleased collections. They are “Judith Stein”, “Cocoa In My Cabin”, “Better Than Sex”, and “First Time”. I was aware that the minis that I would be receiving would be from unreleased collections. “Cocoa In My Cabin” is the only one of these four that’s already been in the store. The rest are from the Burlesque and Valentine’s collections that will be released soon. I also knew that there would be no glitter toppers coming in my batch as well. Tanya was kind enough to reach out after my disappointment with “Pish Posh”. Over the next couple of days, each of these polishes will have their own little spotlight here.


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All I Can Say Is Pish Posh!

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This is my third and final polish that I ordered from Indie Polish. this one is called “Pish Posh”. I really wanted to love “Pish Posh”. That’s not to say that there is anything wrong with this polish. It’s a glitter topper. I really don’t like glitter toppers though. I should have thought about this going into this purchase. I’ve only come across a few glitter that I love but most end up in the “I don’t like” or “I really hate” categories. I liked the look of the swatch on Indie Polish’s website. It was clearly this over a white base. I just didn’t like it on me in person.


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I’ve Warmed To Her Icy Glare

This is the second of three polishes that I bought from Indie Polish. This is “Her Icy Glare”. It’s a lovely sheer white with some amazing glitz and glitter to it. “Her Icy Glare” was a surprise favourite to me. It was a completely random choice for me when I bought it. I think I bought it mostly because it was in the $5 and under section of the website. I really like getting a deal on polishes. Please don’t judge me too harshly for my frugality.


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Double The Holo, Double The Fun?

This post has been a long time coming. I’ve been busy with work, life and the holiday season lately. It’s a new year though and time to get my bum back into the swing of things. So, my first post back will feature a lovely polish from a fellow Canadian. This is “Black Duo Holo” from Indie Polish. ¬†It is a fun black holographic polish that is both scattered and linear holo, hence the “duo” in the name. Being that it is my first post back, I’ll make this a fun quick review for all of you.


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