Another Dose Of Glamour

Happy March everyone! Today I have a review of my February Glam Box. I was sent this box for the price of shipping to review for you. This is my third box from this service. I really love the large variety of products that you get inside this box. I was so excited that I was actually quite angry at Canada Post when they decided that they would rather I pick it up at my post office than have them deliver it. I was actually home all morning but CP decided to take it back to the post office.


This box is very well packaged. It feels a lot like Christmas while I’m opening up my box. When I opened my box, I considered doing the review right away but I wanted to try out a few of the products first so that this would be a little more than an initial unboxing review. Continue reading


A Box Filled With Glamour

This is my first subscription box review. I’m not really new to subscription services but they’ve mostly been things that I kept to myself before now. My first experience with beauty subs specifically was the Canadian Glossybox. I found that to be a huge disappointment month after month. It was usually products that I didn’t want or wouldn’t use. Then when they upped the price in November of 2012, that’s when I jumped ship. That service is no longer with us. Americans and other companies still have Glossybox. The Canadian on just never lived up to the standards set by those boxes. After Glossybox, I tried Topbox for a while. I liked it but never loved anything that I received. I actually ended up giving away most of my samples for free to other people. This led me to take a hiatus from subscription boxes around my birthday last year.

At the end of last year, I decided to join up with Ipsy due to my extreme jealousy of the boxes that girls in a Facebook swap group that I am in were getting. I like Ipsy, for $15 per month, I get a lot of stuff and it’s better than what I was getting for the same price from Glossybox. I think I’ll keep them around for a while. That doesn’t mean I’m going to stay loyal to only them though. In December, I signed up for a brand new subscription out of the US!


This review is for the January Glam Box. I loved my December box but there was no review because as soon as it came in, my mother pillaged half of it. I figured there would be no sense in doing a review that only included half of a box. It’s a big box after all. That’s one of the things that I like most here. Before jumping into the box, I want to talk price. For my first box, I paid $15 including shipping. When it was first launched, it was $10 for the box and then $5 for shipping to Canada. Not long after that, it went up to $10 for the box and $10 for shipping to Canada. I’m pretty sure that’s what I paid for this box. Recently, I received an email saying that they won’t be doing the recurring subscription anymore. So, it will be $15 for the box and $10 for shipping to Canada. It’s a little high but on par with what Glossybox Canada was charging when they jacked up their prices. I think what you get out of here is also better than what I was getting out of that service. when you consider shipping prices, it really helps me get on board with this service. The shipping for this box to get to me cost Glam Box $13.35. Continue reading