Misadventures In Stamping: Summer Flowers Edition

I mentioned my misadventures in stamping in my recent “New Year” post. So, I figured I’d kick things off with a post about that exact subject. I’ve been delving a lot more into stamping lately and trying to spice up most of my manicures with it. I have a special spot in my heart for Pueen stamping plates because the Love Elements set from them were the first stamping plates that I bought. Recently, I purchased the Stamping Buffet set from them to add to my growing collection. Boy! I am so in love with these plates.


The plate that I am the most in love with is Pueen 72. It has this amazing Hawaiian feel to it. I instantly feel summery when I use this plate. I’ve actually used it twice since getting the set at the beginning of the month. I love that this is a full plate design and that you can pick and choose the areas that you want from it. Every nail will be different but it still gives a cohesive look. Continue reading


The Owl’s Return In Time For Fall

I’ve recently discovered a love for Butter London’s polishes. The application is dreamy and smooth and the colours are outstanding. I’ve found that I tend to need three coats for opacity but that could be a combination of their formula with my application. Either way, I’ve fallen in love. It’s terrible for my bank account but my nails are very happy with me. Because of this, I’ve been snapping some more up when some of the ladies I know have been wanting to part with theirs. It’s nice to only have to pay $10 instead of $15 or $17 for them. A note to all the Canadian ladies here: The Bay sells Butter London polishes for $15. It’s a discovery that I was happy to make.


This beauty is “Yummy Mummy”. The name itself doesn’t do much for me but it is a great neutral creme. I’ve been looking for a good one ever since my mini bottle of Sephora by OPI “Don’t Feed The Hand Models” has started to get down to the last leg of its life. It’s not an overly unique colour but it is lovely. If you have the chance to snap it up for less than full price, I’d say go for it. If not I’m sure you can find an OPI, Chine Glaze, or Zoya that is probably very similar for cheaper. I don’t know of any dupes off the top of my head but I am sure that they are out there. Continue reading

I’m Dancing On The Inside With The Dancing Green

This is my final instalment of my reviews from my KBShimmer order from Harlow & Co. I’m so happy that I get to end these reviews on a high note. I have loved four out of the five polishes that I received from this company. I think that’s not too bad for numbers. To have every polish that a company makes be something that everyone would adore is a ridiculous feat to expect. So, this instalment is about one that might very well be my favourite of the bunch.


This is the whole lot of them. L-R “Lottie Dottie”, “Where My Peeps At?”, “Blinded By The Bright”, “The Dancing Green”, and “Shattered Heart”

Continue reading

Green With Essie? Opps! I Mean Envy…

Recently, I went into London Drugs to look for a magazine that my mother had asked me to find. They didn’t have the magazine that I was looking for but they did manage to sucker me into a couple of Essie polishes for sale. They had some polishes on the Essie rack marked down to $4.99 each. This is half the price of their regular price and less than half of the price at some of the drug stores here *cough* Shoppers Drug Mart *cough*. The two that I picked up were “Shake Your $$ Maker” and “The Girls Are Out”.

L-R "The Girls Are Out" and "Shake Your $$ Maker"

L-R “The Girls Are Out” and “Shake Your $$ Maker”

“The Girls Are Out” wan’t a colour that called to me as much as “Shake Your $$ Maker”. The reason that I bought it is that I have recently started doing my mother’s nails and I think that this will be a good colour for her. It’s got a bit of shimmer but nothing too crazy or in your face. My mother has never been a woman who is overly into makeup or nail polish, (I know that’s a crazy thought given the fact that she ended up with me as a child) but she has been slowly getting into these things lately. I will probably use it a bit on myself as well but it may end up being more of a mom colour for me.

“Shake Your $$ Maker”, on the other hand, screams of being my kind of colour. I was a girl who wanted to paint her bedroom green as a child. I didn’t want a pink room. I didn’t want a bright yellow room. I wanted a mossy green room. I ended up with June green because my mom thought it would look better. That’s a long and boring tangent that I will spare you all from though. The general conclusion of the story is that I love green and have ever since I was a young child.

This is "Shake You $$ Maker"

This is “Shake You $$ Maker” bottle in natural light and in the shade.

It’s not just the fact that “Shake Your $$ Maker” is green that makes it my kind of colour. It’s also a beautiful, bright, squishy jelly finish polish. Wow, that was quite the mouth full. The bottle shot above shows the true brightness of this amazing colour. It’s technically part of Essie’s neon collection for 2013. I would not call this a true neon though. I have “Bazooka” and “Lights” from the 2012 neon collection and they come across as far more neon when on the nail. I know that Essie recommends “Blanc” as undies for the neons but I like the squishy quality you get when you don’t put undies under the neons. I might end up trying this for “Shake Your $$ Maker” though.


The application of this polish was not as nice as “Bazooka” and “Lights”. I did thinner coats of it and let them dry in between coats. Even with this I needed to go up to four coats to counteract some of the streakiness that I had with this formula. As a result of this, it was a bit thick and seemed to shift a bit with the addition of top coat. The polish ended up lighter on most of the nail and darkest at the tips. I love the colour of this one but the formula was not my favourite. It makes me really sad because “Bazooka” and “Lights” are two of my favourite polishes in my collection. I will give it another chance though. I’ll probably give it a try with “Blanc” as undies. I’m also looking forward to giving it a try over a light green. Maybe something like “Navigate Her” will lend to a better result. In the end, I didn’t love the application but I’m not willing to give up on this one.