Misadventures in Stamping: I’ll Buy Some Butterflies For A Dime?

Pueen has really captured my heart lately. That mixed with my desire to improve my stamping skills have come together to add some extra pizzaz to my Dime Piece manicure that I reviewed for you yesterday. I wanted something summery but didn’t want it to detract from the fantastic holographic finish of the manicure. I wanted it to be detailed but didn’t want it to cover up the base polish in the same way that some stamping images can. This led me to Pueen 39.


All the butterflies on this plate just scream summer. When I saw my Dime Piece manicure in the sunshine, I knew that it needed a summery touch. It’s a gorgeous colour on its own but I haven’t seen many people stamping on Enchanted Polishes in the stamping groups that I am in. There are some but it’s much more rare than stamping on OPI or even Butter London. When I was looking at my manicure, it reminded me a little of sun blindness. It was so bright and holographic that I wanted to invoke seeing the black silhouettes that you get when you look too close to the sun. So, off I went to add these special touches to my gorgeous manicure.


My transfers went perfectly! I used Mundo de Uñas  black stamping polish and my rectangular squishy stamper. I don’t think I mentioned where I bought the stamper from. I got it from a company called Fab Ur Nails. I’m not 100% sure where they’re based out of. I bought my stamper through a woman who distributes for them in the United States. I found her in a Facebook Group called Adventures in Stamping. That group was what really pushed me to work at my stamping. I chose two designs off of the Pueen 39 plate and alternated them along my nails.


I love the results of this. It really invokes the summery nature that I wanted. I’m not sure if it’s quite the sun blindness that I envisioned for the manicure but it does give me hope that my stamping is coming along. Maybe soon I’ll be brave enough to try to make decals. This design would be fantastic for that. The butterflies could be amazing colours! I digress though. My conclusion here is that I love this manicure. The butterflies add something really special and I’m reminded of how much I love the quality of Pueen plates for the price that you pay. They’re etched beautifully and transfer like a dream.


I Found A Shiny New Lucky Dime Piece!

I love my Enchanted Polishes… or I think I do. They tend to sit there and not get used. There is just something so precious about them because they’re so hard to get and so expensive if you can’t snag it in a restock. I really need to get my head past this because it’s almost as though they sit there unloved even though they are quite beautiful. I don’t have a huge collection. I have eleven of them. One of my polishes that was sitting completely unused since the last Nail Polish Canada restock of Enchanted Polish is Dime Piece.


Dime Piece is a fantastic silver holographic polish. It’s not the most unique polish out there but it is definitely gorgeous. For the price ($19.50 Canadian), I think you can probably find a cheaper option that is still beautiful. If you want to invest in your polish and have the nerves and quick fingers for a restock, this could be a good one to go for though. I really like the cute boxes that they come with. It’s funny but I keep all my Enchanted Polishes in their boxes and simply know what colour they are. This is oaky because I don’t choose my manicure colours by looking at a row of polishes. I simply think “I want [insert brand] today.” Then choose a colour from there. Continue reading

Am I The Walrus?

On Monday I posted about my experience with the Enchanted restock on Nail Polish Canada’s website. It was a stressful, invigorating, and somewhat fun experience for me. The best part of it was that two days later the Canada Post man came to my door with a box of four lovely new polishes in it.

The difficult decision for me was which one I should use first. I really couldn’t decide. They were all so lovely. “Mean Mr. Mustard” was the polish that I had been eyeing up for a while. “Hey Jude” was the polish that added some missing green in my collection. “Across The Universe” was the first Enchanted polish that I had ever heard of. Then there was “I Am The Walrus”. He was the polish that almost got away. He got cart jacked out of my cart on the first restock on the website. Thankfully, they did a mini one an hour later. I went back specifically to snatch him up.

Even the box looks so enchanting on this polish. My Enchanted polishes will be staying in their boxes because I love them so much. They will all get used though!

Even the box looks so enchanting on this polish. My Enchanted polishes will be staying in their boxes because I love them so much. They will all get used though!

So, there was my answer. It had to be the one that almost got away! I absolutely love this polish. It had an amazing shine even when it wasn’t sunny out… and that was every day except the last day that I wore it. I wore this for a total of 4 days and only had minimal tip wear on my nails.


This is a photo in shaded natural light. Like most days recently, this photo was taken on a day with no sun. I took this photo on day two of wear because I did this mani on my way out to go to work. You can see a little bit of the tip wear in this photo. I used Butter London Nail Foundation as a base and Butter London Hardwear as a top coat. They are my go to base and top coat. So, it will be sad but I think I should try another base and top coat combo and see if I get less tip wear.


The part I love most about this polish is the amazing colour shift in it. I couldn’t quite capture how amazing it is in the outside swatch photo. In that photo you can see how it goes from  bronze to burgundy. In this photo, underwater, you can see the full range of shift in this polish. I really really love it. I can see why Enchanted Polish has such a crazy cult following.

Have you tried Enchanted Polish before? Are you willing to go through the craziness of an Enchanted restock just for an amazing polish like this?

I’m looking forward to being Enchanted!

Today was the first time for me to endure the stress-fest that is an Enchanted restock. The restock was on Nail Polish Canada and was limited to Canadians only. This gave me a much better chance of actually scoring some of these very coveted items. My goal for this restock was to try and get some of the “Imagine” collection because I had heard that this is the last time that it will ever be restocked. Well, I lucked out in the biggest way possible.

This photo is not one of mine. It came from http://www.chalkboardnails.com/2013/02/enchanted-polish-imagine-collection.html and all the credit for it’s amazing-ness should go to there and Enchanted Polish. I look forward to taking some of my own Enchanted Polish photos when my polish arrives.

6:00pm PST hit and I quickly refreshed my browser on the page that listed the imagine collection. I loaded up my card with “Across The Universe”, “Magical Mystery Tour”, “Hey Jude”, “Mean Mr. Mustard”, and “I Am The Walrus”. I went to check out and quickly had “Magical Mystery Tour” jacked out of my cart. Then I made an attempt to check out with the rest and “I Am The Walrus” was jacked out of my cart as well. On the third attempt to check out, it worked! I got “Across The Universe”, “Hey Jude”, and “Mean Mr. Mustard”. At this point, I was completely satisfied with my purchase but a little sad of my lack of “I Am The Walrus”. I was especially sad since I thought I’d never have a chance to ever buy this again.

That’s when I went on to Nail Polish Canada’s Facebook page to thank them for an awesome restock. They had posted on there that some non canadians had tried to order and that those order would be refunded. Then at 7:00pm PST another mini restock would happen. So, just after 7:00pm I went onto the Enchanted page just for curiosity sake to see if I could land myself some “I Am The Walrus”. I lucked out so much. Now I just have to pray that they didn’t oversell and that it will be on it’s way to me soon. I can’t help but get excited for my first try at Enchanted.

I don’t think I’ll be trying the future restocks though. This restock was very stressful even though I tried to just brush it off as unimportant. I do understand that nail polish is not that important in the grand scheme of things and it should not be a problem if I come out of a restock with nothing. I think I’m just an easily stressed person though. But then again, I say all this while I had no intention of attending todays restock. I think I’m just being silly while still being excited for the new polishes.