I’ll Dance With Roses For Her

We’re going to start today with my favourite polish in my whole collection. That is really saying something since I have a lot of polishes. For some reason I keep going back to this one time and time again. It’s just the right mix of light and pigmented. It’s a lovely polish from A England named Her Rose Adagio. It’s from their Ballerina Collection.


Her Rose Adagio is beautiful in the bottle. As soon as I bought her I knew I would be in love. Thankfully the formula is fantastic as well. A England seems to really know what they are doing. This one came in a collection of four pretty light holographic shades. To start out with, Her Rose Adagio was the only one that I owned from that collection. I’ve worn her quite a few times, as you can see from the fill line on my bottle above. The opacity that they give in their polishes really helps with my love though. If this were a polish that needed 3 or 4 coats, I’d be running out of it fast. I’ve already done 5 or 6 manicures on my fingernail of varying lengths and only have a very small fill line.


I did this look before I hacked off my lovely nails. I really do like that little bit of extra length when I’m painting my nails. If my nails are nude (no polish), I don’t like them very long though. It’s an odd quirk about me. If they’re long, they’re always with a lovely varnish on them. This varnish is particularly lovely. It’s a soft ballerina pink holographic polish. The holo is not in your face with this one though. It gives just the right amount of shine. Application was utterly perfect! This is two coats but it was nearly opaque at one. It was smooth and easy to apply and dried very quickly. The opacity and application are what keep drawing me to A England. With this being my favourite polish in my collection, I think they might be my favourite brand in it as well.


This is a sunny shot of Her Rose Adagio. As you can see the linear holo is subtle but definitely there. If you like neutral colours with a bit of pink, I think you’d love this colour as well. The subtle nature of the holographic pigments in this polish helps to keep it looking pink. Since it’s such a light colour, I think if it were a very strong holo, the base colour would just end up looking nude in the sunlight. I’m happy she’s pink though and will definitely keep dancing with Her Rose Adagio whenever the fancy strikes me.


Tristam and I Will Take This Path More Often!

Today’s manicure is another one in my set of birthday month manicures. It features polishes from two different companies. Emily de Molly is an indie company based out of Australia. The maker is going to be taking a break from polish making for a while soon because she is having a baby. So, it might be a little hard to track down her goodies for a while. A England is a polish company based in the UK. If you live in the UK, you’re a lucky duck and can buy directly from them. I’m lucky enough to have Nail Polish Canada around to hook me up with my A England fixes. The also carry Emily de Molly from time to time as well. IMG_0715 The two beauties that I used are pictured above. The base colour for this manicure is Path Less Taken by Emily de Molly and Tristam by A England was used for my stamping. The bottles used by both of these companies are quite similar. I’ve come to really like the shape of these bottles. When I paint my nails, I tend to hold the bottle between my knees and find that the little square bottles stay nicely put there. The round bottles from other companies can feel a little precarious when I hold them that way. I still do it though! Continue reading

Debra Dances With The Dragon… in Argyle?

“Debra” was my first polish that I ever tried from Julep. It was the perfect place for me to start. This was part of my free box that I got when I started out the Maven subscription in May of last year. I used the code “FREEBOX” to get it for free. The reason that I signed up for Julep’s Maven program was the flexibility of it. Julep curates a few boxes of polishes and products, made by them, every month for Mavens to buy for $20 or skip if they so choose. They are made to fit different customer profiles. When I signed up, I chose “Classic With A Twist” but you can change your box and take a different profile anytime you choose. As a Maven, you get free shipping on a purchases through Julep’s website. When I signed up, you were free to skip any monthly box that you didn’t want for any reason. I’m sad to see Julep change that though. As of December 18th, new Mavens will earn a skip for every 6 monthly boxes that they buy. If you were a maven before December 18th, you are “grandmothered in” to the old policy and can still skip anytime you want. So, hold onto those old Maven accounts ladies!


Now for the actual polish. “Debra” is described as a smoky taupe creme by Julep. I think that describes it perfectly. The colour is beautiful, light, and neutral. The application was wonderful as well. The polish was not too thick and not too thin. For opacity, it was very very close to being a one coat application. I added a second coat just to be safe to avoid any balding spots that might show up in the sunshine. The brush handle is really long but once you get used to that it is really easy to apply Julep polishes. I really loved this polish the first time that I tried it and I fell in love with it all over again when I put it on my nails again so many months later. Continue reading