A Custom Valentine… Just For Me!

Since I’m single, Valentine’s Day doesn’t have the same allure to me that it does to some other people. It’s more of a day to ignore and a day to just be with myself. Last year I had a customer give me chocolate while I was at work. This year was a little different. I was involved with a Valentine’s Day swap. My Valentine was particularly generous as well.


The big part of this present was three polishes from an indie brand. These are by Eat Sleep Polish. A lovely Canadian girl makes them. She even makes great holographic polishes and even more fantastic custom polishes for people. The blue one on the left is called “Sucker Punch”. The pink polish is called The Queen’s Croquet”. The polish in the middle was the big one for me. It’s a custom that was made just for me. It’s called “Dragonfly Tamer”. My Valentine knew that I really love yellows. So, that makes this perfect for me. Continue reading


An Ugly Bar To Make You Pretty

Oh wow it has been a while! Life has been busy lately. Who would have thought that the dregs of winter in Canada would be so busy. In past years, I remember this time being slow and boring. The weather has been just as all over the place as my mind has been these days. One day it’s sunny and warm, the next day it’s cold and snowing. This has thrown my skin for a bit of a loop. It’s not as bad as it has been in past years and I think I know who’s helping me out with that. So, I’ve decided to share my dirty little secret with you. It’s not a pretty one to describe but it’s one that I hope will help others having battles with their skin as well.


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There’s A First Time For Everything

This is the final post in my four part series about a mini grab bag that I got from Indie Polish. I love that buying these supports a lovely Canadian polish maker. It doesn’t hurt that the polishes are fantastic. I loved the surprise of not knowing what I was getting but still able to trust that I would like the majority of them. Thankfully “First Time” was no different from the rest in my mix of new polishes. It is different from my usual colours though.


“First Time” is a sheer almost nude toned pink with amazing blurple iridescent glitters. In some lights I thought the glitters were blue and in others I thought they looked purple. I really liked them either way but they were so hard to capture on camera. That’s fine for the most part though. When the vast majority of people paint their nails it’s more about how it look in person than how it looks in the pictures that they send to their friends and the rest of the internet!

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Because It’s Better Than Sex…

I wasn’t too sure what to call this post. With a name like “Better Than Sex”, a polish will have a lot to live up to. Polish is a guilty pleasure of mine though. I like to indulge and when I think of something named “Better Than Sex” I think it should be something like chocolate. I was pleasantly surprised that this one ventured outside of the box a little bit though.


“Better Than Sex” is a deep dark shimmer purple in the bottle. I had a clear idea of what it should look like on the nail when I looked at the bottle. At first I thought, “this is a polish I’ve seen about a million times before”. Oh Boy! Was I ever wrong! It’s not entirely my fault that I was wrong though. “Better Than Sex” dries to a matte finish. As a Result, it looks quite different than what it looks like in the bottle.


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Sipping Up Some Cocoa In My Cabin.


“Cocoa In My Cabin” was the second polish from my mini grab bag that I tried on my nails. It’s not your typical brown colour and that’s what I really like about it. I really like these little mini bottles as well. The brush works and gives good coverage. It’s not difficult to handle. I can see why so many indie brands out there are using them for the mini sizes of their polishes. They also give a generous amount in them. It’s 5ml! Please ignore the 15ml label on the “Cocoa In My Cabin” bottle in the photo above. “Cocoa In My Cabin” is the polish from my grab bag that was already in the shop previous to my buying it. The etsy shop is currently closed but will reopen on Tuesday, February 4th with lots of new goodies in it.


“Cocoa In My Cabin” was another perfect two coater. The first coat was a little patchy but applied nicely. The second coat evened everything out and gave a great shiny finish. The photo above was taken by a window inside my apartment. It was gross and raining outside. Usually I will venture out and take pictures if it is lightly raining but this time it was a full downpour outside. You do get the nice warm brown feel outside that you see in the photo above though. Continue reading

A Box Filled With Glamour

This is my first subscription box review. I’m not really new to subscription services but they’ve mostly been things that I kept to myself before now. My first experience with beauty subs specifically was the Canadian Glossybox. I found that to be a huge disappointment month after month. It was usually products that I didn’t want or wouldn’t use. Then when they upped the price in November of 2012, that’s when I jumped ship. That service is no longer with us. Americans and other companies still have Glossybox. The Canadian on just never lived up to the standards set by those boxes. After Glossybox, I tried Topbox for a while. I liked it but never loved anything that I received. I actually ended up giving away most of my samples for free to other people. This led me to take a hiatus from subscription boxes around my birthday last year.

At the end of last year, I decided to join up with Ipsy due to my extreme jealousy of the boxes that girls in a Facebook swap group that I am in were getting. I like Ipsy, for $15 per month, I get a lot of stuff and it’s better than what I was getting for the same price from Glossybox. I think I’ll keep them around for a while. That doesn’t mean I’m going to stay loyal to only them though. In December, I signed up for a brand new subscription out of the US!


This review is for the January Glam Box. I loved my December box but there was no review because as soon as it came in, my mother pillaged half of it. I figured there would be no sense in doing a review that only included half of a box. It’s a big box after all. That’s one of the things that I like most here. Before jumping into the box, I want to talk price. For my first box, I paid $15 including shipping. When it was first launched, it was $10 for the box and then $5 for shipping to Canada. Not long after that, it went up to $10 for the box and $10 for shipping to Canada. I’m pretty sure that’s what I paid for this box. Recently, I received an email saying that they won’t be doing the recurring subscription anymore. So, it will be $15 for the box and $10 for shipping to Canada. It’s a little high but on par with what Glossybox Canada was charging when they jacked up their prices. I think what you get out of here is also better than what I was getting out of that service. when you consider shipping prices, it really helps me get on board with this service. The shipping for this box to get to me cost Glam Box $13.35. Continue reading

An Indie Spotlight On Judith Stein

Recently, Indie Polish had some mini grab bags on sale for $16 shipped. I really loved two out of the three polishes that I had bought from Indie Polish in September. So, for that price, I decided to take the risk. These mini grab bags included four mini polishes each. I was lucky enough to be sent four unreleased polishes from Tanya. Shipping came quite fast. When they arrived on my doorstep, I had to try them out as son as possible.


The four polishes that I received are all in currently unreleased collections. They are “Judith Stein”, “Cocoa In My Cabin”, “Better Than Sex”, and “First Time”. I was aware that the minis that I would be receiving would be from unreleased collections. “Cocoa In My Cabin” is the only one of these four that’s already been in the store. The rest are from the Burlesque and Valentine’s collections that will be released soon. I also knew that there would be no glitter toppers coming in my batch as well. Tanya was kind enough to reach out after my disappointment with “Pish Posh”. Over the next couple of days, each of these polishes will have their own little spotlight here.


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Debra Dances With The Dragon… in Argyle?

“Debra” was my first polish that I ever tried from Julep. It was the perfect place for me to start. This was part of my free box that I got when I started out the Maven subscription in May of last year. I used the code “FREEBOX” to get it for free. The reason that I signed up for Julep’s Maven program was the flexibility of it. Julep curates a few boxes of polishes and products, made by them, every month for Mavens to buy for $20 or skip if they so choose. They are made to fit different customer profiles. When I signed up, I chose “Classic With A Twist” but you can change your box and take a different profile anytime you choose. As a Maven, you get free shipping on a purchases through Julep’s website. When I signed up, you were free to skip any monthly box that you didn’t want for any reason. I’m sad to see Julep change that though. As of December 18th, new Mavens will earn a skip for every 6 monthly boxes that they buy. If you were a maven before December 18th, you are “grandmothered in” to the old policy and can still skip anytime you want. So, hold onto those old Maven accounts ladies!


Now for the actual polish. “Debra” is described as a smoky taupe creme by Julep. I think that describes it perfectly. The colour is beautiful, light, and neutral. The application was wonderful as well. The polish was not too thick and not too thin. For opacity, it was very very close to being a one coat application. I added a second coat just to be safe to avoid any balding spots that might show up in the sunshine. The brush handle is really long but once you get used to that it is really easy to apply Julep polishes. I really loved this polish the first time that I tried it and I fell in love with it all over again when I put it on my nails again so many months later. Continue reading

I’ll Dance For The Sugar Plum Fairy!

Before Christmas, Dollish Polish had a limited edition polish called “Sugar Plum Fairy” in one of their restocks. I wasn’t 100% into it but I was planning on putting in an order anyways. So, I decided to toss it in my cart mostly because I’m a sucker for things that say limited edition. I was pleasantly surprised when it came in and looked stunning. The polish is a very light pink base with lots of different colours and sizes of round glitters. Oh boy! I am a huge sucker for the round glitters. The big glitters in here are the same size as the ones that can be found in the forces series from Emily de Molly.


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Arabella, The Beautiful!

As many of you know, texture is a huge trend these days. When the trend started, I took forever to get on board with it. My first experiences with it were the Julep Sea Salt polishes. For some reason, the look didn’t call to me and the feel on the nail really bothered me. I thought that I just preferred a smooth nail and that I would hate all texture polishes going forward from that point. Thankfully, I was wrong! I bought Zoya’s Arabella mostly as a namesake polish.

Arabella was the most adorable tiny baby at four weeks old!

Arabella was the most adorable tiny baby at four weeks old!

When I was starting out in grade 11, my mother wanted another puppy. I didn’t want to go and see a puppy for some reason though. It had been a long day and I just wanted to go home. Thankfully, my mother didn’t give in. We went and saw the puppy. From that moment on, she had to be mine. I even got to name her. We met her when she was four weeks old. We paid a deposit on her and we picked her up to take her home when she was eight weeks old. That gave me one whole month to agonize over what to name my new baby. The name that I came up with came from a baby name book and that name was Arabella. It’s a dutch name that mean beautiful!

This is the lovely Arabella when she was just a wee little Bella.

This is the lovely Arabella when she was just a wee little Bella.

You may hear me mentioning my little baby Gabi a lot. Arabella isn’t talked about a lot at the moment because she’s currently not living with me. She’s nine and a half years old now and living at my father’s house up north. She was living in Vancouver for a while and even had a companion. His name was Caspar. He was an elderly diabetic rescue. He passed away not long before Gabi came home. Arabella became very sad at the loss of her friend. She also did not get along well with the puppy. After six months of being a grumpy angry pants and trying to beat up the new annoying baby every chance she got, Arabella went to live up north again. This was a good change for her though. She had lived there before and the other family dogs that are closer to her age live up there still.

This is baby Arabella all grown up and hanging out with her friend Caspar.

This is baby Arabella all grown up and hanging out with her friend Caspar.

Gabi may be my new and fun baby but Arabella will always be my little girl as well. I do miss having her around but I know she’s happier up north. So, now you know why I wanted to buy Zoya’s “Arabella”. It also didn’t hurt hat I’d already seen some swatches online and thought it looked stunning. The texture is a bit more uniform than the Julep Sea Salt polishes. I think the thing I didn’t like about the look of the Juleps was that it just didn’t look completely intentional on my nails. It was almost as though I had screwed up and just made a mess on my nails.


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My First Voxbox

I’m going to start this post with some up front honesty. This is the first post that will be made by me about products that I did not pay for. These were sent to me by Influenster in my very first Voxbox. Influenster is a site that you sign up on, doing surveys about yourself, and then you might get chosen to get sent products for review. This is my first time getting a box from them to review.


This box was from Sally Hansen. It contained three of their “Complete Salon Manicure” polishes. Let’s start with the claims that these polishes make. They promise to have 7 benefits in one bottle. It’s supposed to be a base coat, strengthener, growth treatment, colour, top coat, chip resistant, and have gel shine finish. That’s a whole lot of claims for one bottle. They also say that “after wearing brands for 10 days, the preferred polish OVERALL was Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure” when compared to Essie or Revlon Classic. Now those are even bigger claims. I love my Essie polishes and and they will last for days on my nails. Continue reading

The Seven Deadly Sins Makeup Edition

It feels good to be back and in the new year. I’m feeling a little fresher and more pulled together than I was at the end of last year. That’s why it was so nice when the lovely Ginger from Ginger Loves Makeup tagged me with her Seven Deadly Sins Post. As some of you may know, I have a little bit of an obsession with makeup. The looks that I wear in the daytime to work are what a lot of other people consider to be “evening” looks. I have no problems with a  dark smokey eye or a super bright pop of colour during the daytime.

Greetings from chilly Vancouver!

Greetings from chilly Vancouver!

So, I’m going to start the post and I hope you enjoy reading it!

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