Cheers To The New Year.

Happy New Year to all. Yes, this may sound like an awkward phrase to be saying at the end of May but for me it’s not really. My year seems to roll over at my birthday (the end of April). I have never been one to change things in January. That’s the depths of winter and usually by then I’ve developed bad habits and got into such horrible ruts that there is no way of digging myself out until the sun, literally, comes out. So, my birthday is the time of year that I make changes.


This is a much better setting for making changes than the dregs of winter!

I’m sure some of you have noticed my horrible neglect for this blog. Don’t worry, I have to! For the last few months, I haven’t been in much of a sharing mood. I haven’t been neglecting trying out new things with my nails but it just wasn’t something that I wanted to put out into the world. That leads into some of the changes that I have made in my life. I must admit that this lack of wanting to share probably stemmed from my mostly sedentary lifestyle. In the winter, it was dark and gross here and I just didn’t want to be physically active. I bussed to and from work and worked my but off while there but there was no activity for the sake of activity. Continue reading


The Seven Deadly Sins Makeup Edition

It feels good to be back and in the new year. I’m feeling a little fresher and more pulled together than I was at the end of last year. That’s why it was so nice when the lovely Ginger from Ginger Loves Makeup tagged me with her Seven Deadly Sins Post. As some of you may know, I have a little bit of an obsession with makeup. The looks that I wear in the daytime to work are what a lot of other people consider to be “evening” looks. I have no problems with a  dark smokey eye or a super bright pop of colour during the daytime.

Greetings from chilly Vancouver!

Greetings from chilly Vancouver!

So, I’m going to start the post and I hope you enjoy reading it!

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Wanna Play A Game Of Autumn Tag

I’m going to start with an apology for my lack of activity on here. I needed a small sanity break and that’s exactly what I got. I spent more time with friends, my dog, and enjoying this weird and lovely weather we’ve been having in Vancouver this fall.

Gabi has also been enjoying the extra time with her "mommy"

Gabi has also been enjoying the extra time with her “mommy”

So, to kick off my rejuvenated self. I’m going to start with an autumn tag that I got from the lovely  Millie Muppet.

1. What’s your favourite autumn lipstick?

I’m not a huge lipstick kind of girl. I tend to focus more on my eyes and cheeks at all times of the year. When I do wear lipstick, I’m loving the Smashbox Be Legendary Lipsticks. For Fall, I’d probably wear Chai or Grenadine.

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I Appreciate Every One Of You…


It was a lovely day in Vancouver today. The weather was nice for fall and my dog was happy. On top of that, I want to say a huge thank you and let everyone one who read my blog know that I appreciate you oh so very much! Today was the day that I hit 100 likes and passed the 1000 all-time view mark. For the serious and established bloggers out there, I’m sure they can do this very quickly. For me as a very new blogger, I’m ecstatic! I can’t say thank you enough for the small amount of validation that every single one of you gives me. Blogging is something that I’m starting to really love.

The idea for this blog started because I sent pictures of every manicure and most of my daily makeup looks to a couple of my close friends. I shared my opinions both good and bad of all the new products, makeup, and polishes that were in my life. When I moved home to help out, I didn’t know what to do with myself. This has been a wonderful addition to my small amount of free time that I have outside of work. It has also been a great enabler to my nail polish addiction!

Going forward I’m striving to do better. This whole thing is a trial and error process for me. If you have any input, I would love to have any feedback that you’re willing to dish out. Thanks again and I hope you are all having a wonderful Thanksgiving (if you’re in Canada) and a wonderful weekend (if you are or are not in Canada)!

It’s An Honour To Be Nominated… The Liebster Award!

This morning I awoke to a nomination that I never thought I would receive. I’m very new to blogging and this is not something that I have tried to hide. This blog is a constant work in progress as I’m striving to do better with every aspect of it. The nomination that I got this morning was from the lovely Ginger from Ginger Loves Makeup. This award consists of answering ten questions that have been posed to you and asking your own set of ten questions to some more fellow bloggers by nominating them. Ginger was nominated by three different people. So, she had to answer three sets of questions. Her questions to her nominees were to pick 10 of the questions posed to her and answer them. So, I’m loving the idea of answering these.

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A Quick Update & A Devious New Plan!

I’m here to officially apologise for my lack of posting this morning. I had intended on writing it last night before going to bed nice and late. This is because I had Monday-Thursday off work this week when I was making these plans. Silly me should always know that you really shouldn’t make plans for things like “late night writing”. While running errands yesterday, I got a call from work and all of a sudden I had to be at work at 7:00am both today and tomorrow. I’m not complaining about having to work. I enjoy being busy and could definitely use the extra moolah! This is what got in the way of writing the would be brilliant morning review of Rainbow Honey’s “Fire Spring”

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My Final Chapter With Bondi Has Been Written

This post will be quick and is just an update on the situation that I am in with the company Bondi New York. As many of you have seen, the other day I wrote a long and detailed post about why I was done with Bondi as a company. In this, I mentioned that I had asked for a refund for my subscription because I no longer wanted anything to do with the company. At the time of writing that post I had not received a reply back from the company but had a good idea as to what the response that was coming to me would say. Other women I know had received refusals to refund due to the terms and conditions set out on Bondi’s website.

This morning I got the response that I was expecting from the CEO of Bondi. I was told the the three month subscriptions were non-cancellable and non-refundable and that he would be unable to refund any money to me because of this fact. I was entirely unsatisfied with this because I should be given the option to either agree to the delay or get a refund according to the American consumer protection act. Bondi was not following the rules and I was not willing to accept this. This irked me even more than it should have because I know of one woman who payed by PayPal and was promised a refund for her fixed term subscription.

I responded by politely pointing out the fact that he had not met his end of the agreement and that under the American consumer protection act I was entitled to a refund if I did not agree to the delay in service. I definitely disagreed to the delay and wanted my refund. I followed this by saying that if I was not going to be given a refund directly from Bondi, I would be both contacting my credit card company and filing a complaint with the American consumer protection agency.

The response to this was more reasonable. While he did still try and say that he was “within [his] rights to not refund this money” to me, he did refund me my money minus the the price of a single monthly box. In the end, I am happy with this conclusion. When the refund is processed with my credit card, I will be 100% done with this company and am very happy for this fact. I’m not trying to be a bitter person. I just want any company that I deal with to be professional and treat their customers with respect. I feel this company and its Founder/CEO have done the exact opposite under the guise of being “transparent”.