I Found A Shiny New Lucky Dime Piece!

I love my Enchanted Polishes… or I think I do. They tend to sit there and not get used. There is just something so precious about them because they’re so hard to get and so expensive if you can’t snag it in a restock. I really need to get my head past this because it’s almost as though they sit there unloved even though they are quite beautiful. I don’t have a huge collection. I have eleven of them. One of my polishes that was sitting completely unused since the last Nail Polish Canada restock of Enchanted Polish is Dime Piece.


Dime Piece is a fantastic silver holographic polish. It’s not the most unique polish out there but it is definitely gorgeous. For the price ($19.50 Canadian), I think you can probably find a cheaper option that is still beautiful. If you want to invest in your polish and have the nerves and quick fingers for a restock, this could be a good one to go for though. I really like the cute boxes that they come with. It’s funny but I keep all my Enchanted Polishes in their boxes and simply know what colour they are. This is oaky because I don’t choose my manicure colours by looking at a row of polishes. I simply think “I want [insert brand] today.” Then choose a colour from there.


Application was beautiful here. I did two coats. It needed the second coat for opacity but definitely didn’t need any more than that. It went on smoothly and evenly. There was no dragging on the second coat. This manicure required very little cleanup as well because the consistency was perfect. I had no issues with pooling in the cuticle and the brush applies exactly where I needed it. I topped this with one coat of HK Girl by Glisten & Glow. I really like the consistency of this top coat and best of all it doesn’t dull the holo here one bit!


Speaking of that holo! This is Dime Piece in the sun. This is the only reason that I can recommend going through the stress of an Enchanted restock. This polish truly sings when the sun hits it. I know a lot of other indie brands have silver holo polishes but I’m not sure if they would be as saturated as this one is. You can see the full rainbow here and I love it! If you’re a holographic polish lover, I highly recommend that you include a silver holographic polish in your collection. I’m thinking ahead but this will make some amazing manicures for the Christmas holidays.


I’ve also included a picture with the halogen lighting of my kitchen to show the different tone that this one can get when it’s indoors. This is the look that I see when I’m in the produce section at the grocery store. It’s not very conducive to buying food. I’ve had a few times that I’ve been too busy admiring my nails to remember that I needed to buy potatoes as well. So, my recommending this type of polish will come with a warning: Drive safe and remember to write a grocery list!


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