Some Little Luxuries For My Bath Time

Today I wanted to share an Etsy shop with you. This shop is called Little Luxuries Soapworks and is based in Nova Scotia, Canada. It is run by a lovely woman who make bath products. I am a bit of a bath junkie these days. I find it’s a nice relaxing way to end my day, especially if I have biked to and from work. There is just something special about drawing a nice hot bath and just relaxing in it. Until now I’ve mostly been using Lush products in my baths but they are quite pricey and it adds up fast when you take multiple baths each week. That’s why I figured I would try to find something a little more affordable. IMG_0660 Little Luxuries is very reasonably priced. Shipping is a flat rate of $8.95 for Canada and $13.95 for the United States. When there is flat rate shipping, I like to but a few things. This time I purchased 10 items in total and my bill including tax and shipping came to under $35. I could maybe walk about with half of that by going into a Lush store and that would be by buying the cheapest things in there. I know I’ve bought shampoo and a face scrub once and dropped over $60. These days, I want to be a little more economical with my money. I bought three different products from the store. I bought one little 2oz tub of the Whipped Sugar Scrub ($2.79), four different scents of Bath Bombs ($1.89), and five different scents in the Bubble Salts ($2.69). I love the array of scents that she provides. In total I’m trying out nine different scents to see which ones I like best for future purchases. IMG_0702 The first product that I had to try when I got my package was the Bubble Salts! I’m used to either having bubble products or bath salts. This is a two in one kind of deal. You throw it in while the bath is running and it makes beautiful fluffy bubbles to play with. I have shown three of the scents that I bought above. I also bought Nova Scotia Apple Cider and Pina Colada to go with the Watermelon, Mango, and Nova Scotia Apple Blossom in the picture. I have already tried out the first two and can say that they are fantastic! I always start pouring my bath with the shower head. We have one that can detach from it’s place on the wall. This is great if you need to just wash your hair or if you like lots of fluffy bubbles. I find that this gives the right amount of pressure and aeration to create amazing bubbles. Then once my bath is about half full, I change to the faucet for the rest of the pour. This always leaves me with a bath tub full of bubbles. The quality of the bubbles depends on the product though. These bath salts give great long lasting fluffy bubbles. The scents are subtle but you can definitely smell them. It’s nice that they don’t seem to linger very long on my skin afterwards though. I prefer my baths time scents to be a sensory experience for bath time. If I want to smell different after my bath, I’ll put on perfume. IMG_0701 These bath bombs are quite the little wonders as well. I bought them in four scents. The one not pictured above has already been used in a bath. The scents I bought were Sable Island Surf, Green Apple, Sex On The Beach and Pink Popsicle. The scent to Sable Island Surf was definitely what I think of when I think of good ocean scents. The scent was light and it didn’t linger much. The bomb was blue but also didn’t tint my bath as much as some of the Lush ones that I have previously used. I think that’s good though. Too many lush products make your bath a weird yellow or green colour. The fizz was also just the right amount of fun at the start of bath time for me. I found these bombs to be quite comparable to the little sized lush bombs. I had read that someone found theirs to be quite crumbly but didn’t find that to be the case with mine. The bomb was a little drier than some Lush ones that I had used but it stayed together quite well. IMG_0698 You can’t tell the scent of this Whipped Sugar Scrub because it came off in my shower. I bought this in Pina Colada and I love it. It’s a gentle scrub with a subtle fragrance. I have used this several times on my face and really like it. It’s not as harsh as something like the St Ives Apricot Scrub. That one contains very abrasive particles. I would akin this to the Clinique 7 Day Scrub only it smells much better. I like the light exfoliation of the Clinique scrub but absolutely hate how it smells. I understand that they don’t use any additional fragrance in their products but the chemical smells that come off of them can be pretty rough on the nose sometimes. I only bought the one scent in this but will definitely be buying more. I did not buy any of the bar soap because I have a lot currently in my apartment. One thing that I wish that I had bought to try out was the Whipped Soap. I love the texture of the Whipped Sugar Scrub. So, I think I will enjoy trying out the Whipped Soap as well. I can take solace in knowing that I will definitely be placing another order soon. I’ll just have to remember to add on some Whipped Soap when I do.


4 thoughts on “Some Little Luxuries For My Bath Time

    • I’m so jealous that you live so close. I guess it’s better for me in the long run though. I would spend so much money on her stuff if it was so readily available. I know I’ll be making another order soon. It will be a big one because I hate paying for shipping even if it is fairly reasonable.

  1. This sounds like a great shop. I love flat shipping. I’ve never tried bubbling bath salts, but it sounds like the best of both worlds.

    • It really is the best of both worlds. I tried the watermelon tonight and it was divine! I must admit that I put in an order this morning for 5 more Bubble Salts, 2 more Whipped Sugar Scrubs, and 3 Whipped Soaps

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