Dressed to ImPress?

Another Voxbox! We all know that the Sally Hansen one didn’t work out so well for me. Oh how I wanted those to live up to the claims that they made. Sadly, I’m starting to think that my body just hates the world and will reject anything a company wants me to tryout for them. This month the ImPress Manicure showed up at my door and called for me to try them out.


I need to start this out by saying that I have never worn acrylic or gel nails before. I’m a natural nail kind of girl. So, the idea of a press on manicure sort of bewildered me a little. I know that I am blessed with good sized nail beds and decently shaped nails though. For someone who’s nails need a little more lovin’ this might be something that would appeal to them. I’d never thought to try something like this but when these two little packages showed up on my doorstep I thought “eh, I’ll give it a try!”


Let’s start with the pattern! Why?! Why?! Why?! Crackle is a trend that is long gone. Most of the people I know who bought crackle polishes are leaving them to dry up at the back of their collection or trying to pawn them off on someone else. I currently have a full bottle of Sephora by OPI black crackle polish sitting unused. I was so sad to see this pattern when some other ladies out there got some pretty lace or duochrome looking patterns. Needless to say, this will be going unused by me just like that poor bottle of SOPI polish.


This pattern was a lot nicer and was the one that I decided to try out. It’s got a fun whimsical carnival feel to it that I really love. I’ve been into fun and I’m always up for a pink manicure. My only concern when I got these was that they would not fit on my nails. At the time my nails were quite a bit longer than they are now. I can say with confidence that you either need to have short nail beds or just generally short nails if you want to try these out.


Turns out that my nubbins were the perfect length for these. The ImPress nails came just part the end of my natural nails. Any longer and it would have been a no go. Application was easy but I with that the nails were organised a little more instead of just being thrown into the container. It was difficult to figure out if the nails were the same size so that I could have both hands match. Matching hands didn’t matter in the end though. The free ends wouldn’t stick down onto my nail and as a result there was a little bit of a gap. The nails kept catching on things and it really really bothered me. I needed to take them off. I didn’t have them on long enough to attest for this but I have heard other women I know saying that dirt and other things get stuck on the nails in that gap. I’m glad they bothered me early on because that would have really bothered me.



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