Misadventures In Stamping: Summer Flowers Edition

I mentioned my misadventures in stamping in my recent “New Year” post. So, I figured I’d kick things off with a post about that exact subject. I’ve been delving a lot more into stamping lately and trying to spice up most of my manicures with it. I have a special spot in my heart for Pueen stamping plates because the Love Elements set from them were the first stamping plates that I bought. Recently, I purchased the Stamping Buffet set from them to add to my growing collection. Boy! I am so in love with these plates.


The plate that I am the most in love with is Pueen 72. It has this amazing Hawaiian feel to it. I instantly feel summery when I use this plate. I’ve actually used it twice since getting the set at the beginning of the month. I love that this is a full plate design and that you can pick and choose the areas that you want from it. Every nail will be different but it still gives a cohesive look.


For my first mani using this plate, I started with a base of Essie In The Cab-Ana. I randomly found this at a discount store in downtown Vancouver for $5 and I really loved the summer nature of this colour. Application was decent but not amazing. It was a little on the thin side for my liking and pooled a little bit near my cuticles. Wear time on this was fantastic though! I didn’t end up stamping on top of it until after three days of wear.


When I did decided to stamp on top, I chose a bit of an odd combo. It was odd in my mind at least. I went with a stamping polish that I had bought last year from Mundo de UñasMundo de Uñas is a company based out of Mexico that makes stamping polishes and sells accessories for stamping. It is run by a fantastic lady named Sylvia. Shipping is a little expensive but it’s made up for by the excessively reasonable prices that she charges for the polishes. The one I chose for the mani above is #31 (peach). The polishes stamp beautifully, even on the more detailed designs.


For my second mani using this plate, I used a base of Butter London Torch. My nails are shorter in this manicure because I broke my middle one last week down to the nail bed. It’s also why my middle one is not shaped evenly. I have mixed feelings about the colour. The subtle shimmer is lovely and it’s a very summery coral. I love coral for makeup but somehow I was on the fence here. Application was perfect on this. Butter London’s tend to run a bit thinner but I haven’t ever had any issues with pooling in my cuticles. It just means that these require three coats. Sorry about all my grubby fingerprints on the bottle. I really should have cleaned it up before I took this picture.


After a day of uncertainty as to how I felt about this colour, I decided to jazz it up with some stamping. I had just received a new stamper that I had bought on ebay and needed to test out. Since I know this plate stamped well, I immediately gravitated towards it. I used Mundo de Uñas polish again. This time I chose #1 (white). I cannot express how much this changed my feelings on my manicure. I want this one to last forever! My stamping is not perfect but it’s definitely improving.

What do you guys think about stamping? Have you tried it? I love hearing about other peoples experiences with stamping. It can be rough to start out but I’m so glad that I pushed through those times when I couldn’t get anything to work. I’m really starting to love making each and every once of my manicures just a little more special with it. I think I can only go up from here with my skills. I look forward to bringing all of you along with me on this journey into the world of stamping and hope you are excited to go there with me!



11 thoughts on “Misadventures In Stamping: Summer Flowers Edition

  1. love stamping. I really need to get the Pueen plates. I’m going to wait to see the new set that is coming out before I decide what one to get. I also need to make a MDU order, they look like great stamping polishes.

    • I’m sure that I will give into the new set once it comes out. I’m a sucker for Pueen. I also love the MoYou plates that I have but they are just so darn expensive!
      I highly recommend the MDU polishes. I have more on the way to me as we speak!

  2. Your first ever stamping plate set became my first ever Pueen set. I found a great deal online and just received my Pueen love elements bundle. Love it!
    The buffet plates look tempting!

  3. I really like both looks. The flowers are very pretty and I like how each nail is slightly different. I’ve never tried Pueen stamps before, but they seem to get rave reviews.

    • The Pueen plates are such good value for your money. I have yet to get one that doesn’t transfer beautifully and the sets work out to around $1-$1.50 per plate usually. By comparison, my MoYou plates work out to around $9 Canadian each and have around the same amount of images as 3-4 Pueen plates (depending on the plate you choose).

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