Tristam and I Will Take This Path More Often!

Today’s manicure is another one in my set of birthday month manicures. It features polishes from two different companies. Emily de Molly is an indie company based out of Australia. The maker is going to be taking a break from polish making for a while soon because she is having a baby. So, it might be a little hard to track down her goodies for a while. A England is a polish company based in the UK. If you live in the UK, you’re a lucky duck and can buy directly from them. I’m lucky enough to have Nail Polish Canada around to hook me up with my A England fixes. The also carry Emily de Molly from time to time as well. IMG_0715 The two beauties that I used are pictured above. The base colour for this manicure is Path Less Taken by Emily de Molly and Tristam by A England was used for my stamping. The bottles used by both of these companies are quite similar. I’ve come to really like the shape of these bottles. When I paint my nails, I tend to hold the bottle between my knees and find that the little square bottles stay nicely put there. The round bottles from other companies can feel a little precarious when I hold them that way. I still do it though! Continue reading


Duck! Duck! Mallard!

Today’s manicure that I’m sharing was one that I did in April. April was my birthday month! This means a little more than just that my birthday happened in April. I’m in a cute little group on Facebook that consists of only a handful of ladies, eleven at the moment. We each have a month that is our month. In that month, the other ten ladies send the birthday girl a present. I received a lot of polish in that month and it made for some fantastic manicures! So, even though April is long over, I love these manicures so much that I’m going to share them with you as well.


Mallard was my first polish from piCture pOlish. This company is based out of Australia and makes a lot of fantastic collaborations with bloggers. I know I’m just a small fish in a big pond and have been very scatter brained with my reviews. So, I have no delusions that I will be one of these bloggers but I think it would be a crazy experience to team up with a polish maker. Back to talking about Mallard though. Mallard was a collaboration with The PolishAholic. Continue reading

Dressed to ImPress?

Another Voxbox! We all know that the Sally Hansen one didn’t work out so well for me. Oh how I wanted those to live up to the claims that they made. Sadly, I’m starting to think that my body just hates the world and will reject anything a company wants me to tryout for them. This month the ImPress Manicure showed up at my door and called for me to try them out.


I need to start this out by saying that I have never worn acrylic or gel nails before. I’m a natural nail kind of girl. So, the idea of a press on manicure sort of bewildered me a little. I know that I am blessed with good sized nail beds and decently shaped nails though. For someone who’s nails need a little more lovin’ this might be something that would appeal to them. I’d never thought to try something like this but when these two little packages showed up on my doorstep I thought “eh, I’ll give it a try!” Continue reading

Some Little Luxuries For My Bath Time

Today I wanted to share an Etsy shop with you. This shop is called Little Luxuries Soapworks and is based in Nova Scotia, Canada. It is run by a lovely woman who make bath products. I am a bit of a bath junkie these days. I find it’s a nice relaxing way to end my day, especially if I have biked to and from work. There is just something special about drawing a nice hot bath and just relaxing in it. Until now I’ve mostly been using Lush products in my baths but they are quite pricey and it adds up fast when you take multiple baths each week. That’s why I figured I would try to find something a little more affordable. IMG_0660 Little Luxuries is very reasonably priced. Shipping is a flat rate of $8.95 for Canada and $13.95 for the United States. When there is flat rate shipping, I like to but a few things. This time I purchased 10 items in total and my bill including tax and shipping came to under $35. I could maybe walk about with half of that by going into a Lush store and that would be by buying the cheapest things in there. I know I’ve bought shampoo and a face scrub once and dropped over $60. These days, I want to be a little more economical with my money. I bought three different products from the store. I bought one little 2oz tub of the Whipped Sugar Scrub ($2.79), four different scents of Bath Bombs ($1.89), and five different scents in the Bubble Salts ($2.69). I love the array of scents that she provides. In total I’m trying out nine different scents to see which ones I like best for future purchases. Continue reading

Misadventures In Stamping: Summer Flowers Edition

I mentioned my misadventures in stamping in my recent “New Year” post. So, I figured I’d kick things off with a post about that exact subject. I’ve been delving a lot more into stamping lately and trying to spice up most of my manicures with it. I have a special spot in my heart for Pueen stamping plates because the Love Elements set from them were the first stamping plates that I bought. Recently, I purchased the Stamping Buffet set from them to add to my growing collection. Boy! I am so in love with these plates.


The plate that I am the most in love with is Pueen 72. It has this amazing Hawaiian feel to it. I instantly feel summery when I use this plate. I’ve actually used it twice since getting the set at the beginning of the month. I love that this is a full plate design and that you can pick and choose the areas that you want from it. Every nail will be different but it still gives a cohesive look. Continue reading

Cheers To The New Year.

Happy New Year to all. Yes, this may sound like an awkward phrase to be saying at the end of May but for me it’s not really. My year seems to roll over at my birthday (the end of April). I have never been one to change things in January. That’s the depths of winter and usually by then I’ve developed bad habits and got into such horrible ruts that there is no way of digging myself out until the sun, literally, comes out. So, my birthday is the time of year that I make changes.


This is a much better setting for making changes than the dregs of winter!

I’m sure some of you have noticed my horrible neglect for this blog. Don’t worry, I have to! For the last few months, I haven’t been in much of a sharing mood. I haven’t been neglecting trying out new things with my nails but it just wasn’t something that I wanted to put out into the world. That leads into some of the changes that I have made in my life. I must admit that this lack of wanting to share probably stemmed from my mostly sedentary lifestyle. In the winter, it was dark and gross here and I just didn’t want to be physically active. I bussed to and from work and worked my but off while there but there was no activity for the sake of activity. Continue reading