Another Dose Of Glamour

Happy March everyone! Today I have a review of my February Glam Box. I was sent this box for the price of shipping to review for you. This is my third box from this service. I really love the large variety of products that you get inside this box. I was so excited that I was actually quite angry at Canada Post when they decided that they would rather I pick it up at my post office than have them deliver it. I was actually home all morning but CP decided to take it back to the post office.


This box is very well packaged. It feels a lot like Christmas while I’m opening up my box. When I opened my box, I considered doing the review right away but I wanted to try out a few of the products first so that this would be a little more than an initial unboxing review.


I really like that the business cards of the companies involved with the box were included.IMG_0414

Out of these two, I haven’t tried the Jamberry nail wraps yet. I don’t know if I’m excited to try them. They’re a random mix of nail designs that can really only be used as accent nails. I’m not really a fan of accent nails though. I like it on some people but not on me.

I really love the Just knotted hair ties though. They have just the right amount of elasticity to hold my fine hair. I’ve tried this style of hair tie before but these ones work a lot better for me. Previously, I had given the Julep ones a try but they slipped right out of my hair.


These two are both paper samples. I don’t like getting perfumes in this method. I feel that it doesn’t give me a real idea of ow the perfume would be. If I wipe it on my neck and wrists, it just doesn’t seem to have the same kind of staying power as even the mini vial samples. I would much rather get those.

I’m okay with the illuminator samples being in this style though. I’ve used this sample type for concealer before and found it worked quite well. I haven’t tried either of these yet so there is not much I can say about the performance of the actual product though.


The edibles are a nice inclusion but I also wish that they hadn’t included the cookie. As you can see, it didn’t travel well. It got to me dry and broken. It was a mere shadow of its former self. I’m sure it tasted lovely when it was made but it was fairly inedible when I got it. The chocolate pop, on the other hand, was just as lovely as the last one I got!


I love, love, love, getting these candles. They smell AMAZING! Whoever is picking these scents is nailing it. All three of the candles are so light and fresh smelling. They burn well and have a decent amount of burn time for a tea light.

I’ve been really loving my bubble baths lately. So, these little sugar scrubs will help me on my indulgences. I’ve for a different scrub that I’m going through right now. They’ll be worked into my rotation soon though.


The Zesty Lemon Lotion Bar reminds me a little of the lush massage bars. It’s hard but can be worked into some good moisture. I have been using this mostly on my elbows, heels, and cuticles lately. It is quite oily but on the rougher drier parts of the body that sometimes can be an asset. It seems to do a pretty good job on them too. It’s not bitterly cold or dry here though. So, please take what you will from that.

The Bear’s Beauty Body Butter was the disappointment for me. It melted and got out of the container. It actually ended up making a bit of a greasy mess on a few of the bags that some of these things were packed in. It didn’t have an effect on any of the other products. I didn’t contact Glam about it because there was enough in there to try and it was a bit too greasy for me to want to use it on my body. That’s what we get into with subscriptions though. You won’t always love 100% of what you get but it’s still worth a try.

The last item in the above photo is another scrub. I’m all scrubbed up at the moment but I’m glad it’s waiting in the wings for me.


The BA Star eyeshadow and glitter palette is a fun neutral palette. The first three shades are very pigmented. I don’t think I will get any use of the two glitters though. They make a horrible mess and are hard to apply evenly. I did a look with them but was too embarrassed to share the pictures ¬†because I looked a little like a glitter bomb explosion



Finally, last but definitely not least, we have one of the stars of the box. This beauty is a duochrome nail polish. You can see a bit of the shift in the bottle. It has yet to make an appearance on my nails but I will be sure to share it with you once it does.

My feeling about this box are still the same. It’s a lot of stuff for a fun monthly delivery. I like the range of products that you get in it. Not everything will always be a hit but they seem to be pulling only a few misses when it comes to me. If you’re looking for a dose of fun, why not sign up for some glam? I will give a heads up for Canadian subscribers though. between USPS, customs, and CP. It will take a while for the box to get to you. I found it worth the wait though.


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