Another Dose Of Glamour

Happy March everyone! Today I have a review of my February Glam Box. I was sent this box for the price of shipping to review for you. This is my third box from this service. I really love the large variety of products that you get inside this box. I was so excited that I was actually quite angry at Canada Post when they decided that they would rather I pick it up at my post office than have them deliver it. I was actually home all morning but CP decided to take it back to the post office.


This box is very well packaged. It feels a lot like Christmas while I’m opening up my box. When I opened my box, I considered doing the review right away but I wanted to try out a few of the products first so that this would be a little more than an initial unboxing review. Continue reading


A Custom Valentine… Just For Me!

Since I’m single, Valentine’s Day doesn’t have the same allure to me that it does to some other people. It’s more of a day to ignore and a day to just be with myself. Last year I had a customer give me chocolate while I was at work. This year was a little different. I was involved with a Valentine’s Day swap. My Valentine was particularly generous as well.


The big part of this present was three polishes from an indie brand. These are by Eat Sleep Polish. A lovely Canadian girl makes them. She even makes great holographic polishes and even more fantastic custom polishes for people. The blue one on the left is called “Sucker Punch”. The pink polish is called The Queen’s Croquet”. The polish in the middle was the big one for me. It’s a custom that was made just for me. It’s called “Dragonfly Tamer”. My Valentine knew that I really love yellows. So, that makes this perfect for me. Continue reading

An Ugly Bar To Make You Pretty

Oh wow it has been a while! Life has been busy lately. Who would have thought that the dregs of winter in Canada would be so busy. In past years, I remember this time being slow and boring. The weather has been just as all over the place as my mind has been these days. One day it’s sunny and warm, the next day it’s cold and snowing. This has thrown my skin for a bit of a loop. It’s not as bad as it has been in past years and I think I know who’s helping me out with that. So, I’ve decided to share my dirty little secret with you. It’s not a pretty one to describe but it’s one that I hope will help others having battles with their skin as well.


Continue reading