There’s A First Time For Everything

This is the final post in my four part series about a mini grab bag that I got from Indie Polish. I love that buying these supports a lovely Canadian polish maker. It doesn’t hurt that the polishes are fantastic. I loved the surprise of not knowing what I was getting but still able to trust that I would like the majority of them. Thankfully “First Time” was no different from the rest in my mix of new polishes. It is different from my usual colours though.


“First Time” is a sheer almost nude toned pink with amazing blurple iridescent glitters. In some lights I thought the glitters were blue and in others I thought they looked purple. I really liked them either way but they were so hard to capture on camera. That’s fine for the most part though. When the vast majority of people paint their nails it’s more about how it look in person than how it looks in the pictures that they send to their friends and the rest of the internet!


Obviously there is quite a bit of visible nail line on “First Time”. It feels like a special version of a neutral nail. It’s not just sheer. There is also a special pop whenever the glitters catch the light in the right way. I had a really hard time trying to capture how special these glitters are in person. You can see the coverage level quite well in my swatches though. This is two coats of “First Time” in the shade.



The sun doesn’t change it much. I think you can see the glitters a bit better in this picture. They come across as little purplish blurs. I think it’s so much more special in person though. You could also layer this over other colours because of its sheer nature. I think this would be fantastic over a neutral base or even a pop of colour. If you like the look of any of my recent manis, please go support Tanya @ Indie Polish. The shop is reopening today with the new colours. There is also a promo code going on. It’s “GOODTOBEBACK” and with that code you’ll get 20%off.


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