Because It’s Better Than Sex…

I wasn’t too sure what to call this post. With a name like “Better Than Sex”, a polish will have a lot to live up to. Polish is a guilty pleasure of mine though. I like to indulge and when I think of something named “Better Than Sex” I think it should be something like chocolate. I was pleasantly surprised that this one ventured outside of the box a little bit though.


“Better Than Sex” is a deep dark shimmer purple in the bottle. I had a clear idea of what it should look like on the nail when I looked at the bottle. At first I thought, “this is a polish I’ve seen about a million times before”. Oh Boy! Was I ever wrong! It’s not entirely my fault that I was wrong though. “Better Than Sex” dries to a matte finish. As a Result, it looks quite different than what it looks like in the bottle.


Application was very thin with this polish. It applied nicely though. The first coat looked absolutely disgusting. It was a weird brown purple, very streaky and see through. With the second coat, I could see the purple tone coming through. It was still really streaky though. The third coat evened everything out and brought out the purple tone when you look at it in more natural light. This was taken right by a window in my apartment. If you have long nails, you might want to do a fourth coat. The camera didn’t capture it but my nail tips were still a tiny bit patchy. It’s not something anyone else would notice but it’s something that I did when looking at my nails.


In indoor lighting, you can see the brown undertone in “Better Than Sex” a lot better. It almost feels like a nod to chocolate without being brown. This colour was not my favourite when first applied but it grew on me with time. Matte polishes never last a long time on me though. Since I do like this polish though, I will be making the extra effort to apply top coat and then a matte top coat to it when I want to wear it matte. The thing I do love about matte polishes is their ability to be morn multiple ways. Toss a top coat on this and it will look a lot more like it did in the bottle.


The shiny purple tone that I saw in the bottle came alive when I added one coat of top coat. This almost feels like a completely different polish than the matte “Better Than Sex” that was on my nails just seconds before. It still has the lovely brown undertones but it feels different. This versatility leads me to really like “Better Than Sex” even if it was not completely what I had expected. Actually, I think that’s probably what will make me keep coming back to it. Everyone seems to do a shiny lovely dark purple. The brown undertones and matte finish are what make “Better Than Sex” unique.


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