Mystical Dragons Are Very Flashy

The last couple of posts that I made before running off for a little bit included a black polish from Fashionista that I bought from Makeup Academy called “Black Cat”. After I posted my review, I found out that I should count myself as lucky for actually getting those polishes to me. It turns out that the Royal Mail is very strict about not letting polish leave the UK. So, I’m even more surprised that I managed to get two out of their country without them know. I feel a little sneaky now.


This is “Mystical Dragon” by Fashionista Nail Polish. The colour and the price are what drew me into this buy. It’s a dark blue base with an incredibly stunning teal glitter/shimmer to it. It’s so hard to describe or capture this colour. It’s not a duochrome but it definitely has two colours in it. While this is not the best bottle shot, it definitely showed the lovely colour mix in this bottle of polish.

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Wanna Play A Game Of Autumn Tag

I’m going to start with an apology for my lack of activity on here. I needed a small sanity break and that’s exactly what I got. I spent more time with friends, my dog, and enjoying this weird and lovely weather we’ve been having in Vancouver this fall.

Gabi has also been enjoying the extra time with her "mommy"

Gabi has also been enjoying the extra time with her “mommy”

So, to kick off my rejuvenated self. I’m going to start with an autumn tag that I got from the lovely  Millie Muppet.

1. What’s your favourite autumn lipstick?

I’m not a huge lipstick kind of girl. I tend to focus more on my eyes and cheeks at all times of the year. When I do wear lipstick, I’m loving the Smashbox Be Legendary Lipsticks. For Fall, I’d probably wear Chai or Grenadine.

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The Black Cat Says Spank You Very Much.



On Friday I shared a post about Fashionista’s “Black Cat”. When I put that on, I thought it would be the perfect base for a fun glitter topper. I haven’t reviewed Dollish Polish’s “Spank You Very Much” for you yet. This is a clearance polish that I bought from Dollish Polish during their Labour Day sale in September. I bought this, “Yo-Ho Yo-Ho A Pirates Life For Me”, and five mini polishes from them during this sale. I look forward to sharing the mini polishes with you once a bottle of Nail Pattern Boldness’s “Glitter Food” that I have ordered shows up in my greedy little hands. It shouldn’t be too long for that. The order that I’ve placed from them has shipped and was en route to Canada last week. It’s just a wait and see how long customs wants to play with my polish.


“Spank You Very Much” is a really fun mix of green, blue and purple glitters. They’re small and medium in size. It’s in a clear base. It will look so lovely over many different colours of undies. I think it would even look lovely in a glitter sandwich. This polish was really a random choice for me. It was in the clearance section of Dollish Polish’s site and they were having a sale on top of the clearance price. I really chose this randomly. I don’t regret choosing this for a second though. My random choices have really been paying off. Continue reading

A Happy Home Is An Empty One?

At the beginning of the year I looked into my shower and my makeup area and thought to myself “Oh wow! How did I get to having this much stuff?”. At that point I went onto a no buy for makeup, bath, and body products until my birthday rolled around. Slowly, as the year has rolled on, I’ve managed to finish a few things. This month marked some mass finishings for me though. So, instead of throwing things out as I finished them, I decided that I wanted to do an empties post for all of you.


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My First Flirtations With Black Polish

Growing up I was much more conservative when it came to my nail polish choices. Scarily enough, I didn’t even own my first bottle of nail polish until I was in university. As a youngster, it was my sister who had the huge collection of nail polish. Every once in a while she’d do my nails for me. It was usually just plain pink or blue or sometimes she’d do something crazy like a french flag. I was always weary of black though. I stayed in the very light segments of the colour family when choosing polish colours to use. I thought that black was goth, dark, and vampy. I know now that, while those words might be right some times, it’s not the case all the time.


I have been seeing so many polish swatches layered over black lately. It’s especially amazing with some of the holographic toppers and glitter toppers that are out there. I had a tough time trying to pick one out though. So, when Makeup Academy had a sale for free international shipping on orders over £15. I’d never tried anything from them and was excited to try out some of their stuff. I had heard amazing things about the stuff from them and was very excited. One of the things that I ordered was this black creme polish. I really could’t go wrong for £1.50. The polish is called “Black Cat” from Fashionista polish. Continue reading

It’s A Party In The Pumpkin Patch

This is the final instalment of my four part series of reviews for Pahlish’s mystery polish. I have loved every single one of these polishes. I really think that Pahlish is very dangerous for my polish addiction. I mean this in the nicest way possible. They were all absolutely stunning. I’m also amazed by how cool the lovely people running the show at Pahlish are. I posted the review of “An Evergreen’s Taunt” on the Pahlish facebook page. Apparently the lovely green that they sent me was a prototype and loved the name that I chose. Now the name I chose is the name of the polish. I couldn’t be a happier camper.


This review is for the lovely orange mystery polish at the far right in the photo above. As soon as I saw that I had received an orange polish, I knew that the names I wanted to chose were going to be a fall theme. Orange just screams fall for me. It might just be how closely it’s associated with Halowe’en but orange is perfect for fall. This orange is a bit more on the redish/brownish side of the orange family. It made me think of going to a pumpkin patch and picking out the pumpkin for the Jack-O-Lantern or a pumpkin pie. So, that’s why I chose “Party In The Pumpkin Patch” for the name for this one. Continue reading

Fall Is The Time For An Evergreen’s Taunt

This is the third instalment of my four part series of reviews for Pahlish’s mystery polish. I’m in love with the formula and application on all of these. I’m so thankful for this because they’re one offs and oops batches. To some this would mean polish that’s not worth selling. I would only agree if they chipped quickly or applied in some horrible manner. Thankfully this is not the case for Pahlish’s mystery polishes.


Today’s review is of the green mystery polish pictured above. As I have stated in my reviews of the mystery purple and the glitter topper, none of these polishes come with names. So, seeing as I’m a bit of an odd person and I like my polishes to have names, I named the first two “A Ghoul’s Delight” and “Thanks-glizing Day Feast”. Sticking with my fall theme, I’m naming the green one “An Evergreen’s Taunt”. When I looked at this polish I was thinking about all the trees around Vancouver. We have a great mix of evergreens and deciduous trees. I always find it fun around this time of year when the deciduous tree’s leaves change colours and the trees shed them. This green polish made me think about all the evergeen trees that skip this step every year.

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A Glitter Topper To Be Thankful For…

This is the second instalment of my four part series of reviews for Pahlish’s mystery polish. I was blown away by the colours that were sent to my by Pahlish. So much so that I may have caved and ordered a few more mystery polishes. I’m justifying this because for the last few months I have skipped very Julep box and I’ve been working a lot of 7-10 day stretches of work in a row lately. Yes, I know that I shouldn’t be making excuses but I’ve the loved Pahlish’s so far and have a feeling that I will love every one that comes my way.


Since none of these polishes have names, I’m giving them names as I’m reviewing them. The purple on the far left in the photo above has been dubbed “A Ghoul’s Delight”. The glitter topper, second from the left, is up for review today. It’s such a great mix of fall coloured glitters of different shapes and sizes. Because of this, I’m going to stick with my fall naming scheme and call it “Thanks-glizing Day Feast”. This polish truly was a feast for my nails. Continue reading

It’s A Mystery… Or Is It?

After I went through the drama with Bondi New York, I decided that I wanted my own version of a subscription box. It was so fortunate that on that same day, I happened to come across a Facebook post for Pahlish’s mystery polish. I was so excited by the prospect of trying out a new (to me) brand and was so excited to have it be Pahlish. I was even more excited to try polishes for $5 each. The mystery polishes are “prototypes, colors that did not get released, test bottles, and “oops” batches.” That’s prefect for me since I’m interested in trying out new and wonderful things. The only thing that makes me sad is that they don’t have any names. So, I’m going to give them names myself. This one will be: A Ghoul’s Delight!


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I Appreciate Every One Of You…


It was a lovely day in Vancouver today. The weather was nice for fall and my dog was happy. On top of that, I want to say a huge thank you and let everyone one who read my blog know that I appreciate you oh so very much! Today was the day that I hit 100 likes and passed the 1000 all-time view mark. For the serious and established bloggers out there, I’m sure they can do this very quickly. For me as a very new blogger, I’m ecstatic! I can’t say thank you enough for the small amount of validation that every single one of you gives me. Blogging is something that I’m starting to really love.

The idea for this blog started because I sent pictures of every manicure and most of my daily makeup looks to a couple of my close friends. I shared my opinions both good and bad of all the new products, makeup, and polishes that were in my life. When I moved home to help out, I didn’t know what to do with myself. This has been a wonderful addition to my small amount of free time that I have outside of work. It has also been a great enabler to my nail polish addiction!

Going forward I’m striving to do better. This whole thing is a trial and error process for me. If you have any input, I would love to have any feedback that you’re willing to dish out. Thanks again and I hope you are all having a wonderful Thanksgiving (if you’re in Canada) and a wonderful weekend (if you are or are not in Canada)!

Yo-Ho Yo-Ho It’s A Pirates Life For Me!

Today’s polish of choice is “Yo-Ho Yo-Ho A Pirates Life For Me” by dollish polish. I bought this polish during their flash sale that they had at the very beginning of September. It was a random choice of  a polish that was on sale. That’s why it has the round bottle instead of their new square bottles. I really like the round bottles. A lot of indie companies (KBShimmer, The Lady Varnishes, Nail Pattern Boldness, Pahlish, etc) all use them. It’s nice because I have a large portion of my collection that is in uniformly shaped bottles. It’s something small but it’s something I really like. As cute as the square bottles are, I kind of wish that they had kept the round bottles.


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I Want Muffins! Muffins! Muffins!

Today’s post is a random Rainbow Honey that I bought recently. “Muffins!” was a polish that I added on to my my Summer of 199X Part 1 collection so that I would get free shipping. I’m so happy that “Muffins!” was the polish that I added. I really love the colour and the formula. Rainbow Honey is definitely a favourite company of mine at this point. The packaging is nice looking, the polishes are incredibly unique, and the customer service is amazing. I also got a free monthly limited edition polish with my order for going over $50. The polish that I got is a crazy glitter called “The Frizz”. It doesn’t look like a polish that I’m going to enjoy but it could come out of the works and surprise me. I’ll be reviewing that polish for you next Saturday. Then that will complete my entire Rainbow Honey order.


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