I’ll Happily Take Sanctuary in Lumine Hall

So, I have officially come back into reality. It’s almost October and time to be a part of the real world again. September was a whirlwind of work, trips out of town, and life being too busy. Thankfully, as we are moving into fall. Life should be calming down quite a bit for me. As such, I am working on settling into a blogging routine. Today’s post will be the first of a five, possibly seven, part series to be released over the next week. When I post a review, I want each polish to be it’s own centrepiece. As a result, even though these next five polishes are all from the same collection, I want to give each one their own post to highlight what I love or don’t like out of each of them. As some of you may have guessed, this will be the reviews of the Rainbow Honey Summer of 199X Collection Part 1 that I received a couple days before I left for Las Vegas.


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I’d Like A Little Crema de Limon Please!

I apologise for my lack of posting over the last couple of days. I needed a mini vacation from my vacation in Las Vegas. This is a catch up post for me though. I had intended on writing it before I left but ran out of time in the pre-vacation craziness. I received this adorable little Lime Crime polish a while ago from a girl in my swap group. I was lemming it ever since I’d heard of Lime Crime. When a girl had one up for swap, I immediately wanted it. Sadly, I was too slow and another girl snatched it up. Lucky for me, there was another lovely lady who saw my desire for this polish and offered it up for me. I snatched it up as soon as the offer came through. I apologise for the slightly blurry pictures. These ones are a little bit older due to when I wore the polish. Going forward I’m working on making my pictures better.


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I’m Dancing On The Inside With The Dancing Green

This is my final instalment of my reviews from my KBShimmer order from Harlow & Co. I’m so happy that I get to end these reviews on a high note. I have loved four out of the five polishes that I received from this company. I think that’s not too bad for numbers. To have every polish that a company makes be something that everyone would adore is a ridiculous feat to expect. So, this instalment is about one that might very well be my favourite of the bunch.


This is the whole lot of them. L-R “Lottie Dottie”, “Where My Peeps At?”, “Blinded By The Bright”, “The Dancing Green”, and “Shattered Heart”

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It Could Have Been Love For My Shattered Heart

Last month I did my first review of a KBShimmer nail polish. It was a second attempt for me. The first polish that I had attempted to review was “Shattered Heart”. I was absolutely in love with the neon pink of this colour but couldn’t get the glitter to apply on the nail. On the first coat of my swatch hand I managed to get one single piece of glitter on one out of my five nails. This go around went slightly better than my last try.

The glitter is clearly in the bottle but I have too much difficulty fishing it out!

The glitter is clearly in the bottle but I have so much difficulty fishing it out!

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Rainbow Honey Stole My Heart!

This month has sure been a crazy one for me. I had a lot of work, a trip to Victoria for a family wedding, a little bug, and now I’m about to head off to Las Vegas for a family vacation. In the midst of this I’ve placed a couple order for nail polish. One was with Dollish Polish because they were having a great sale on at the beginning of the month. I’ll be sharing a post soon about what I got in this order and giving out reviews of it’s contents in the near future.

The other was one with Rainbow Honey. This is the order where todays manicure comes from.  I’ll admit that this order was mostly due to the fact that I was sick and feeling sorry for myself. That is not to say that I regret what I got from them at all though. I ordered them on September 10th and they were here in Vancouver a mere eight days later. Shipping was incredibly fast. Living in Canada, I expect anything coming from any international destination (including the states) to take a minimum of two and a half weeks. Eight days to get this to me completely blew my mind. When I got them in my greedy little paws, I was so excited that I’m sure I looked like a goldfish looking at a disco ball… oooooh, so many shiny things!

L-R "The Frizz", "Tiny Ruby", "Pink Cloud", "The Kraken", "Lumine Hall", and "Muffins!"

L-R “The Frizz”, “Tiny Ruby”,”Fire Spring”, “Pink Cloud”, “The Kraken”, “Lumine Hall”, and “Muffins!”

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My Peeps are in here. That’s where My Peeps Are At!

I mentioned this polish in my review for KBShimmer’s “Blinded By The Bright”. KBShimmer’s “Where My Peeps At?” is a lovely light yellow colour with beautiful multicoloured circular glitter. I must be a circular glitter fiend because it seems as though if a polish has it, I will love it. In my previous post, I mentioned that I thought this colour looked like it would be the more springtime feeling version of “Blinded By The Bright” and I stand by that initial assessment.

This photo is taken inside in artificial light.

This photo is taken inside in artificial light.

The colours of the glitter in this polish just scream Easter and Spring to me. Blue, red, pink, and green! It feels like “Where My Peeps At?” has got them all. It makes me wish that I had discovered KBShimmer at the beginning of this year because I have a feeling that this one will not get much love from me as we’re moving into the fall months. That’s not to say that I don’t love this polish though. Come springtime, this feels like a go to kind of colour for me. I absolutely love the subtle yellow tone in the base colour of this polish. It’s something that would feel like a classic colour if it weren’t for the giant pop of fun glitter in it. The glitter is what really amps up the fun factor of “Where My Peeps At?” Continue reading

A Super Way To Delve Into Makeup blogging!

When I started my blog, I wanted to post about all things beauty related. I love makeup, beauty products, and nail polish all fairly equally. Somehow as the last month has moved along, my blog posts have solely rested in the land of nail polish. I feel as though I have been neglecting the rest of the land of beauty somehow. Well, no longer will that be the case. This is the first of what I am sure to be many makeup related blog posts going forward. I plan to squeeze in at least one makeup post each week. If I don’t, feel free to hold me to it and send me nasty “where’s the makeup?” messages! With that said, I’d love to dive right into a review of a company that I’m trying for the first time.

At the beginning of this year, I had a lovely friend introduce me to the word of indie makeup. She had these amazing loose eyeshadows from brands like Fyrinnae, and Shiro Cosmetics, Glamour Doll Eyes. At this time, I’d never used a loose eyeshadow before. I had become quite interested in makeup by this point and owned a lot of main stream makeup. I simply didn’t know that I was missing out on a whole amazing world of makeup by only buying in places like Sephora, The Bay, Sears, and Holt Renfrew. My friend was amazing enough to lend me a few of her shadows with the tip to use a flat eyeshadow brush and pat the shadow onto the lid over primer. I can’t thank this friend enough for this advise. She knows who she is and I hope that she reads this and glows a little knowing that she helped shape my view of what I love in makeup.

At this point, I can’t even remember what shadows I borrowed from her. They were amazingly pigmented, blended beautifully, and refused to crease on a full days wear when put over primer. I was immediately in love. For my birthday, I ordered a whole slew of sample baggies of shadows from Shiro Cosmetics. I got the entire Hobbit Collection and the entire Tributes Collection. Reviews on both of these will be coming sometime in the next month hopefully. At this point, I noticed a shift in my makeup habits. I was using my naked palette and other palettes much less and reaching for the little baggies of amazing colour much more as each day went by.

The same friend that got me into loose shadows also fed my new addiction at the end of this summer. Glamour Doll Eyes was having a flash sale and my friend was putting in an order. She wanted to know if I wanted anything. I jumped right up at this opportunity. I’m sure the people on the bus looked at me like I was crazy when I read the text from her. Immediately, I told her that I wanted the sample jars of the Super Collection. She also ordered me a tin of the vegan “Control Freak” eye shadow primer that Glamour Doll Eyes Makes.

The Super Shadows Collection includes 10 amazing loose eye shadows in the cutest little jars!

The Super Shadows Collection includes 10 amazing loose eye shadows in the cutest little jars!

My friend was in the process of moving. So, the shadows were delivered to me. When my Canada Post delivery man came to my door, it took all the restraint I had not to rip the package out of his hands and run gleefully inside to start swatching and playing. Thankfully, I like the delivery man that brings my packages and as a result would never actually do such a thing to him. Swatching and playing was so much fun. I even snuck some play time in with the shadows that my friend bought for herself.

L-R "Ancestry", "Light Speed", "Schizophrenic", "Mighty Maiden", and "Recruit"

L-R “Ancestry”, “Light Speed”, “Schizophrenic”, “Mighty Maiden”, and “Recruit”

Except for “Recruit”, this is the light half of the collection. I probably should have swatched “Cajun” in this half if I was going for a light and dark swatch sets. I think all five of these colours look amazing together. It definitely feels like a collection that would play well together in terms of mixing the colours on the eye for different looks. The shadows were a breeze to apply and went on very pigmented. I did these swatches over a base of “Control Freak” primer. The only one that I had any trouble with was Recruit. There was a small amount of fallout from it but that could be blamed on my application.

L_R "Bird? Plane?", "Vigilante", "Femme Fatale", "Spider-Sense", and"Cajun"

L_R “Bird? Plane?”, “Vigilante”, “Femme Fatale”, “Spider-Sense”, and”Cajun”

Oh wow the dark shadows here come across as pigmented and amazing. I thing the primer played a huge role in the ease of application for these shadows. You can see in the picture how the swatches fade out at the end. That’s not just my terrible photography skills. As my swatches moved off the primer everything sheered out just a little bit. Because of this I would highly recommend using a primer with all these shadows. The Control Freak Primer is a different texture than what I’m used to but it seems to hold my shadows in place well and keeps it vibrant all day.

I did a couple makeup looks using these colours as the focal points. I would have done entire looks with them but I’ve been using them in my everyday routine and didn’t want to go too crazy on them.


This look uses Estee Lauder’s “Tea Biscuit” as a highlight on both the brow bone and inner tear duct. Then on the lid I used Lorac’s “Serenity” on the lid with “Recruit” blended into the crease and outer lid. I finished up the look with some Sephora brand liquid eyeliner and a coat of mascara.


This look uses also Estee Lauder’s “Tea Biscuit” as a highlight on both the brow bone and inner tear duct. Then on the lid I used “Light Speed” on the lid with “Spider-Sense” blended into the crease and outer lid. I finished up the look with some Sephora brand liquid eyeliner, a coat of mascara, and a dab of blush.

A Whole Lot of Dollish Got Added To My Polish

So, this is a very very very belated post for an order that I placed around Labour Day. Dollish Polish was having a flash sale and I jumped at the opportunity to snatch up some of the goodies that they had to offer. I was so excited to get them. They took a little while to get here but I’m okay with that. Living in Canada, you expect everything to take forever to get to you, even if it’s only coming from the next province over.


This was my nail Mail the day that my Dollish Polish arrived. L-R “Take A Chill Pill”, “Tainted Love”, “Rock The Casbah”, “Yo-Ho Yo-Ho A Pirates Life For Me”, Color Club “Volt of Light”, “Spank You Very Much”, “It’s So Fluffy, I’m Gonna Die!”, and “Dark Passenger”

I have already shared reviews of “Yo-Ho Yo-Ho A Pirates Life For Me” and “Spank You Very Much”. I left the minis until later though because of issues with the glitter suspension in a few of them. “Take a Chill Pill” was wonderful and easy to apply. I then tried out “Rock The Casbah”. This one was difficult but not terrible to apply. The biggest problem that I had was with “Tainted Love”. All the glitter had sunk to the bottom and no amount of shaking could get it to distribute again. This angered me greatly since I was able to find amazing swatches of these online. Continue reading

My Final Chapter With Bondi Has Been Written

This post will be quick and is just an update on the situation that I am in with the company Bondi New York. As many of you have seen, the other day I wrote a long and detailed post about why I was done with Bondi as a company. In this, I mentioned that I had asked for a refund for my subscription because I no longer wanted anything to do with the company. At the time of writing that post I had not received a reply back from the company but had a good idea as to what the response that was coming to me would say. Other women I know had received refusals to refund due to the terms and conditions set out on Bondi’s website.

This morning I got the response that I was expecting from the CEO of Bondi. I was told the the three month subscriptions were non-cancellable and non-refundable and that he would be unable to refund any money to me because of this fact. I was entirely unsatisfied with this because I should be given the option to either agree to the delay or get a refund according to the American consumer protection act. Bondi was not following the rules and I was not willing to accept this. This irked me even more than it should have because I know of one woman who payed by PayPal and was promised a refund for her fixed term subscription.

I responded by politely pointing out the fact that he had not met his end of the agreement and that under the American consumer protection act I was entitled to a refund if I did not agree to the delay in service. I definitely disagreed to the delay and wanted my refund. I followed this by saying that if I was not going to be given a refund directly from Bondi, I would be both contacting my credit card company and filing a complaint with the American consumer protection agency.

The response to this was more reasonable. While he did still try and say that he was “within [his] rights to not refund this money” to me, he did refund me my money minus the the price of a single monthly box. In the end, I am happy with this conclusion. When the refund is processed with my credit card, I will be 100% done with this company and am very happy for this fact. I’m not trying to be a bitter person. I just want any company that I deal with to be professional and treat their customers with respect. I feel this company and its Founder/CEO have done the exact opposite under the guise of being “transparent”.

My Change of Heart on Bondi New York

I want to start this off by saying that I’m not sure where to start this off. I was new to polish subscriptions this year. I started with Julep but wasn’t completely in love with them. Every month there has not been a box that has grabbed hold on me and said “take me now!” As a result of this, I am a maven who has yet to actually get a monthly box from them. I do have a fair number of their polishes though. This is because of the adds on that I added on top of my intro box, a warehouse sale they had, and a mystery box that I bought. While I love these polishes, I was happier to get them at $4-$6 per polish instead of getting two polish and a product I don’t need for $20. This lack of love for the actual subscription side of Julep left me rather open other options if they happened to come along.

Another option did come along for me. Bondi New York is a relatively new company. They started up near the beginning of the year. At this point they had nothing but glowing reviews all over the internet. It was like a dream come true that they were starting up a subscription service. This service promised 3 full size (15ml) nail polishes and a beauty item to be delivered every month for $20. They also gave the option to sign up for fixed terms. They were three months for $50, six months for $100, or a year for $200. I wasn’t willing to throw tons of money at a new service but wanted a little bit of savings; so, I signed up for the three month service.

The first month rolled around and boxes were shipped. This month was a mystery month and no one knew what they would be getting in their boxes. There were lots of issues to do with shipping but none of them seemed to be Bondi’s fault. USPS was mostly just failing terribly at tracking the boxes. I didn’t have any issue with this as long as my box came to me with all my polishes intact. This, in fact, was the conclusion for me. I got my box with 3 polishes and a top coat. I wasn’t overly thrilled with the colour and have no need for a top coat since I have one that I adore but that’s okay with me. I knew what I was getting into for the mystery month. Because of these shipping problems, we got to see some great customer service from Bondi. They sent out discount codes and replaced lots of boxes. Some that actually needed to be replaced and they shouldn’t have had to replace.

At this point everything seemed hunky dory to me. For the September box, we were given the option to choose three polishes. For a time reference for you, this was mid-August. I chose my three colour and submitted my request. I got an order confirmation and moved on with my life. They said that due to the customized boxes, they would ship out during the third week of September. I was totally okay with all this information. I liked that there seemed to be some communication going on.

Then we need to fast forward to this past week. On September 18th, I, along with most of the other Bondi New York subscribers, received an email from Bondi that basically said “we’ve screwed up.” There was a problem in the formulation of the new fall colours and they had to be sent back to be reformulated. Because of this, the boxes would not be shipping out for another month. This put the release date for the September box in mid-October and near the expected release date of the October. In compensation for this the fixed term subscribers would get an extra monthly box added for free to their subscription as well as a credit to their account of $12.50. Monthly box subscribers, on the other hand, would only be compensated with a $15 credit and single time buyers would get a $10 credit. It was also said that there was an option to cancel if you wished but they hoped that you would not want to. I was confused by the tiered compensation.  Shouldn’t all the subscribers be valued equally? I wasn’t going to be the one to hop up and complain though. I was getting the best end of this deal as a fixed term subscriber.

I might not have wanted to hop up and complain but a lovely woman that I know through a Facebook group was willing. Last night (September 19th) she questioned the CEO on the practice of treating some customers as more valued than others. She also asked why we were not informed about the formulation problems earlier. Before the email was sent out, the delays were blamed on customized boxes. Then when the formulation issues came into play it was said that the new polishes should have been arriving to Bondi at the same time that we were told that they would have been shipped out from Bondi. Things didn’t seem to add up and they were being questioned. This woman was noticeably frustrated in her responses but never rude. The responses that she got from the Founder/CEO of this company were downright rude and childish. At one point, this businessman started a reply to a concerned customer with “What’s your problem?” The responses felt like something a frustrated McDonald’s worker would say to a belligerent drunk at 3am. The responses didn’t feel like something a man who owns and runs a highly successful nail polish company should be saying. Then at the end of all of this the whole thing was deleted out of the page and the woman was banned from the company’s page. Apparently this move was for her protection against the rabid fans that Bondi has. It couldn’t possibly be censorship.

Even at this point, I was somehow willing to give this company the benefit of the doubt and stick it out with my subscription. I went to work today thinking I could still be on board with Bondi. Even as I came home from work, I was fairly vocal on Facebook about how I was not willing to write them off yet. Then all hell broke loose. I will admit some fault in starting this craziness and for that I am sorry. What I am not sorry for is the fact that it seemed to release the flood gate and let me see the underbelly of what truly is a beast.

I went into the Bondi New York Swap group when I got home to see if there were any developments since the craziness of the previous night. I was surprised to see that the CEO of Bondi posted on the group a post that seemed to humble him a little. It seemed to me that he was admitting that he had screwed up in his actions on the previous night and he even seemed to regret them. Since the woman that he had ripped into the previous night was not a member of this group and could not access the Bondi page, I thought I should let her know and posted the comment in a group that we are both a part of. Since the CEO had a chance to say his piece, I thought she should be able to have the chance to as well. So, she joined the group and posted a clearly laid out, rational post about her side of the story. It showed that she had no ill wishes towards the company, it’s employees, and CEO.

This is the point when all the Bondi fans in the swap group started attacking this girl who was only trying to show her side of the story. It was horrible to see how rabid these people were over defending a corporation. No wonder corporations are legally people in the United States. It seems people love them like they are family members. What was only constructive criticisms and genuine questions was responded to with vitriol. In these women’s eyes, this woman had no right to defend herself but the man who berated her previously for questioning a company had every right to air his dirty laundry and then subsequently bitch and moan about how difficult it is to be him right now. It escalated to a point where I no longer wanted anything to do with this company.

I now wanted to join the many other people I knew who were cancelling their subscriptions to Bondi. I have sent them an email asking for a refund. I don’t know what answer I will get though. I know of two different cases.The first is people who asked for refunds and had no problem getting them back. This would be an ideal scenario for me as it would mean not having to file a dispute with my credit card company. I have every right to a refund since they are not proving the service as outlined when I paid for it. For the sake of it I even looked up some information on consumer protection for the United States. On http://www.usa.gov it says:

Problems with the purchase. One of the most common online purchasing problems is products that don’t arrive in time. Even if the company is unable to ship as promised, it must provide you adequate notice promptly and give you a revised delivery date. You must be allowed to agree to the delay or cancel the order and get a refund. If you’re not happy about a transaction, you should complain to the retailer using the address or phone number you kept from your transaction receipts. If you don’t receive the merchandise you ordered file a dispute with your credit card company.

This is the exact boat that I am in and I want a refund. The same goes for a lot of other people. This leads into the part of this story that angers me the most. One woman in the group got a flat our refusal for a refund from Bondi. Because she had purchased a fixed term subscription, she was not entitled to a refund according to Bondi New York’s terms and conditions. The problem that I had with this is that Bondi was not meeting their end of the bargain. She had not agreed to the delay. She wanted a refund. It can’t even be argued that the reason for her not being able to get a refund was being part way into a multi month subscription and as such would only be able to get a partial refund. This delayed box was to be the woman’s first box of the three paid for. As most people would do, she said that if they would not refund her that she would dispute the charge with her credit card company. The response to this is what sealed the deal for me. They responded by telling her that they doubted that she would win the dispute and even if she did that they would somehow take the change and send it to a collections agency to come after her. I don’t see how they could do this if she wins the dispute. It’s not as though she is not paying for services rendered. She is getting a refund through her credit card company for services that were failed to be rendered.

So, that was my drama filled evening and why I can not recommend that anyone deals with Bondi New York. As I stated earlier, I’m still waiting on the response from them about my cancellation. So, most of this is not things that have happened directly to me. They are what has happened to those around me who I truly care for even though I mainly know them in an online capacity.

It’s so very sad to me because I have loved some of the polishes that they sent out. The lovely stamping post that I put up recently includes one of them. I’m not sure at this point if I even want to keep the polishes that I have from them though. All I know is that going forward I do not want to support a company with such an appallingly unprofessional and disrespectful online presence.

Green With Essie? Opps! I Mean Envy…

Recently, I went into London Drugs to look for a magazine that my mother had asked me to find. They didn’t have the magazine that I was looking for but they did manage to sucker me into a couple of Essie polishes for sale. They had some polishes on the Essie rack marked down to $4.99 each. This is half the price of their regular price and less than half of the price at some of the drug stores here *cough* Shoppers Drug Mart *cough*. The two that I picked up were “Shake Your $$ Maker” and “The Girls Are Out”.

L-R "The Girls Are Out" and "Shake Your $$ Maker"

L-R “The Girls Are Out” and “Shake Your $$ Maker”

“The Girls Are Out” wan’t a colour that called to me as much as “Shake Your $$ Maker”. The reason that I bought it is that I have recently started doing my mother’s nails and I think that this will be a good colour for her. It’s got a bit of shimmer but nothing too crazy or in your face. My mother has never been a woman who is overly into makeup or nail polish, (I know that’s a crazy thought given the fact that she ended up with me as a child) but she has been slowly getting into these things lately. I will probably use it a bit on myself as well but it may end up being more of a mom colour for me.

“Shake Your $$ Maker”, on the other hand, screams of being my kind of colour. I was a girl who wanted to paint her bedroom green as a child. I didn’t want a pink room. I didn’t want a bright yellow room. I wanted a mossy green room. I ended up with June green because my mom thought it would look better. That’s a long and boring tangent that I will spare you all from though. The general conclusion of the story is that I love green and have ever since I was a young child.

This is "Shake You $$ Maker"

This is “Shake You $$ Maker” bottle in natural light and in the shade.

It’s not just the fact that “Shake Your $$ Maker” is green that makes it my kind of colour. It’s also a beautiful, bright, squishy jelly finish polish. Wow, that was quite the mouth full. The bottle shot above shows the true brightness of this amazing colour. It’s technically part of Essie’s neon collection for 2013. I would not call this a true neon though. I have “Bazooka” and “Lights” from the 2012 neon collection and they come across as far more neon when on the nail. I know that Essie recommends “Blanc” as undies for the neons but I like the squishy quality you get when you don’t put undies under the neons. I might end up trying this for “Shake Your $$ Maker” though.


The application of this polish was not as nice as “Bazooka” and “Lights”. I did thinner coats of it and let them dry in between coats. Even with this I needed to go up to four coats to counteract some of the streakiness that I had with this formula. As a result of this, it was a bit thick and seemed to shift a bit with the addition of top coat. The polish ended up lighter on most of the nail and darkest at the tips. I love the colour of this one but the formula was not my favourite. It makes me really sad because “Bazooka” and “Lights” are two of my favourite polishes in my collection. I will give it another chance though. I’ll probably give it a try with “Blanc” as undies. I’m also looking forward to giving it a try over a light green. Maybe something like “Navigate Her” will lend to a better result. In the end, I didn’t love the application but I’m not willing to give up on this one.

A little Lotus Blossom for you

PJ Polish is a brand that I had never heard of before I arranged to get a mystery grab bag right from a lovely lady who is a member of a polish swap group that I am in on Facebook. My first foray into PJ Polish was an amazing success with “Phoenix”. I fell in love with the squishy red of that polish. My second and newest exploration into this polish company is with “Lotus Blossom”. This is a lovely shimmery cream colour with green and pink glitter.


This photo is taken in the shade of my back yard. The polish is on the more sheer end of the spectrum. You can see a little bit of VNL with the swatch and this is three coats. It’s not as obvious in person as it came across in pictures. I think this polish will be especially amazing when it’s layered over a white or possibly a pink. The mixture of pink and green glitter just has a lovely spring feel to it.


The bottle really shows how lovely the shimmery base of this polish is. I really liked the colour of this polish. The thing that I did not love about this polish was the application. While I had no problem getting the right amount of glitter on each nail. The polish seemed to drag a bit between coats. This was with letting the each of the coats dry between application. I think the better option to get the lovely colour for this polish going forward will be to use some white undies. I think that Essie’s “Blanc” will make a lovely base for this polish.