A Trip into the Bog of Eternal Stench

Now that fall seems to be approaching at light speed, it feels like the perfect time to start taking out some lovely fall colours that I have had rolling in. I’ve been desperate to start using some of these lovely colours. It’s so odd that when it comes to weather I, like many people, am seemingly impossible to please. This summer has been one of the most amazing one, in terms of weather, that the west coast has seen in a few years. The sun seemed to be never ending! As a result, by the time that August hit, I was ready for it to be fall.


“Bog of Eternal Stench” is a lovely colour from The Lady Varnishes. It was one of the polishes that I chose to receive in a grab bag that I got from a friend in a swap group that I am a part of on Facebook. This was one of the ones that I was most excited for. The green just screams fall to me. The mix of glitter in this polish gives it a wonderful murky quality to it. I think that’s where the bog from the name comes into play.


This photo is taken in natural light, in the shade. I love the depth and murky qualities of this polish. When I only had one coat of polish on, the green did not look like it was going to be a very good colour. The glitter was nice but the colour was just gross. It all got better on coat number two though. Coat two is what gave this great mossy green colour. I added coat three for this photo to give some great depth on the nail. The mix of gold and green glitter feel suspended within the green when it’s on top of my nail.


This bottle shot shows how amazing the glitter in this polish really is. There is teeny tiny little hex shaped and medium sized hex shaped glitter suspended in the green. I really love how the little glitter just gives a great glow to the polish. Then the larger glitter adds some fun to the show. I’m loving indie brands for polish more and more as this year goes on. This is an amazing example of why I’m starting to love them so much . The colour on this polish feels very unique to me. I could be wrong but I don’t see OPI, Essie, or even Maybelline coming out with a colour like this one.

What do you think? Is this murky green a colour that you would like to try for fall?


I’m looking forward to being Enchanted!

Today was the first time for me to endure the stress-fest that is an Enchanted restock. The restock was on Nail Polish Canada and was limited to Canadians only. This gave me a much better chance of actually scoring some of these very coveted items. My goal for this restock was to try and get some of the “Imagine” collection because I had heard that this is the last time that it will ever be restocked. Well, I lucked out in the biggest way possible.

This photo is not one of mine. It came from http://www.chalkboardnails.com/2013/02/enchanted-polish-imagine-collection.html and all the credit for it’s amazing-ness should go to there and Enchanted Polish. I look forward to taking some of my own Enchanted Polish photos when my polish arrives.

6:00pm PST hit and I quickly refreshed my browser on the page that listed the imagine collection. I loaded up my card with “Across The Universe”, “Magical Mystery Tour”, “Hey Jude”, “Mean Mr. Mustard”, and “I Am The Walrus”. I went to check out and quickly had “Magical Mystery Tour” jacked out of my cart. Then I made an attempt to check out with the rest and “I Am The Walrus” was jacked out of my cart as well. On the third attempt to check out, it worked! I got “Across The Universe”, “Hey Jude”, and “Mean Mr. Mustard”. At this point, I was completely satisfied with my purchase but a little sad of my lack of “I Am The Walrus”. I was especially sad since I thought I’d never have a chance to ever buy this again.

That’s when I went on to Nail Polish Canada’s Facebook page to thank them for an awesome restock. They had posted on there that some non canadians had tried to order and that those order would be refunded. Then at 7:00pm PST another mini restock would happen. So, just after 7:00pm I went onto the Enchanted page just for curiosity sake to see if I could land myself some “I Am The Walrus”. I lucked out so much. Now I just have to pray that they didn’t oversell and that it will be on it’s way to me soon. I can’t help but get excited for my first try at Enchanted.

I don’t think I’ll be trying the future restocks though. This restock was very stressful even though I tried to just brush it off as unimportant. I do understand that nail polish is not that important in the grand scheme of things and it should not be a problem if I come out of a restock with nothing. I think I’m just an easily stressed person though. But then again, I say all this while I had no intention of attending todays restock. I think I’m just being silly while still being excited for the new polishes.


This Phoenix Will Definitely Rise

I posted earlier about the amazing grab bag of polishes that I received from one of the lovely ladies in my polish swap group. One of those polishes was PJ Polish’s “Phoenix”. This was one of the polishes that I was most looking forward to using. I’d never heard of PJ Polish before but when I saw I saw the swatch on this lovely lady’s swap board, I had to have it.

ImageThe swatches I’ve seen online made the polish look like an amazing squishy red with lovely glitter strewn throughout. The polish did not disappoint. It was a little runny in application but I think the result is worth a little extra work. I love that the glitter is very clearly seen through the red polish. The glitter is amazingly shiny too.

ImageThis is a swatch shot in full sunlight. I love this polish just as much on as I did when I saw a swatch of it online. The sunlight really shows the squishy quality of this red. I did two coats of “Phoenix” for this swatch. I could have used a third because you can see a little bit of VNL. It wasn’t as obvious in real life as it is in the photos. I am really starting to like red nail polish the more that I try them. This and Julep’s “January” are definitely some new favourites of mine.

ImageThis is a shade shot of the polish. I feel a little like I’m just giving you pictures of the polish for the sake of me loving it. Jelly polishes will forever be a weakness of mine. I love the finish of a good jelly polish. That’s why these were all done with no underwear and no top coat.

What do you think? Are jelly polishes a weakness of yours too? How about red polish: classic or outdated?

What An Amazing Assortment!

It’s days like today that I love that my Canada Post man comes very early in the morning. For the last week I have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of a package from one of the loveliest gals in my polish swap group. Kristina made up an assortment of grab bags for a few of the ladies in there, myself included. The idea behind these is that you picked three polishes off of her swap board and she would also include two minis and a mystery polish.


This is the package that I ripped open this morning after taking my little dog for a walk. The polishes from left to right are: PJ Polish “Lotus Blossom”, PJ Polish “Phoenix”, The Lady Varnishes  “Bog of Eternal Stench”, Twenty Seven Polish “Lazy Summer, an unreleased colour from Prismatic Polish, and Julep “Dianna”


So Far I am loving the look of all of these. I’m a sucker for light colours. So, “Lotus Blossom” will be perfect for those days when I want something light with a little bit of glitter for fun. “Phoenix” looks like an amazingly squishy red in swatches and the sparkle on this one has really wowed me in the bottle. I hope it comes across on the nail the same way.


While “Bog of Eternal Stench” is not the name I would usually pick out for  a lovely green colour, I’m really looking forward to trying this one out. It is a murky colour with gold and green coloured glitter in it. I’m always a sucker for green and definitely need more of it in my collection. I think going forward I will be dabbling less in pink and more in red, blue, and green. Speaking of blue, “Lazy Summer” looks to be a very fun jelly. It’s got a mixture of black white and blue glitter of different shapes and sizes. While I had never heard of twenty seven polish before now, I’m very excited to try this mini out.

Then there is what might be the little holy grail of the bunch. This mystery colour is something I have nothing like in my collection. It’s my first holo.  Yes, I know! I am very very very late to the holographic party. I’m interested to see if I will like it. I do like a good shimmer every now and then. My favourite finish is a good squishy jelly though. I’m not really a fan of textured polishes though. I have an untouched bottle of black crackle. My first one went very very goopy very fast so I returned it to sephora and they gave me a new one. I have yet to open it. I have tried the sea salt polish from Julep and I’m on the fence about it. We’ll see how I feel about holo.


Lastly in my package of goodies is “Dianna”. She’s a beauty. She looks a little darker in the bottle than the swatches online make her out to be. Online she’s a lovely light creamy mint colour. I’m excited to try her out soon. She’s definitely a welcome addition to my growing Julep collection.

All in all, I got an amazing package and I’m so grateful to the lovely gal who sent me all these goodies to play with. I’m doing a mani today. So, I’m sure I’ll be taking one of these out for a spin. The really tough question of the day will be which one to try first!

I’m Blinded By The Bright-ness of this colour!

Good Morning All,

Today’s post is about one of my new KBShimmer polishes. I wanted to bust out “Shattered Heart”. Sadly, it needed to sit for a while longer upside down. I mostly ended up with neon pink on my nails with a tiny few pieces of bar glitter on them. I’m going to give that one another attempt soon. I love the neon pink. As it turns out, I’m a really big pink nail polish lover. I never would have thought that before. From looking at my polish collection and what I’m drawn to, it’s practically screaming right in my face though. So, in the end I was unhappy with the results on my “Shattered Heart” application and simply removed it.

Still wanting to be on a KBShimmer kick though, I decided to apply “Blinded By The Bright”. I knew this was going to be a bright colour from looking at the bottle and from looking at other people’s swatches online. I don’t think I was prepared for just how neon the colour actually is on the nail. This is not a bad thing though. The application was a lot easier than the difficulties that I had with “Shattered Heart.” The formula on this one isn’t densely packed with glitter. I really like the sparse application of the different sized glitters. Every nail got small and medium sized hex shaped glitter with little to no fishing. The large glitter was a bit more difficult to come across. I think this would be fixed by a longer upside down period before application though.

ImageAs you can see, this is a BRIGHT colour. This photo is taken in shaded natural light. My back yard seems to be a much better place to take photos than my apartment. I really love this colour. It’s definitely a happy fun summertime colour. It seems like a less bright counterpart to this would be “Where My Peeps At”. Other than the colour, one major difference is that “Blinded By The Bright” has hex shaped glitter; whereas, “Where My Peeps At” has circular glitter. Either way, I think that “Blinded By The Bright” will be my summertime yellow and “Where My Peeps At” will be my rest of the year yellow.


This is a sunshine shot of “Blinded By The Bright.” It’s just as Bright in the shade as in the sunshine. It’s such a wonderful surprise for me. I also took a bottle shot of “Where My Peeps At” to compare the brightness.

Image I’m really looking forward to trying this out when the summer comes to a bit more of a close. I’ll do a full review of it then for all you lovely readers!

I like to break the rules and use brights and light colours during the entire year. Essie’s “Bazooka” is definitely my most used colour at all times on the year. What do you think? Would you wear a bright colour like this after summer ends?


Afternoon Thunderstorms on a Sunny Day

Last week I put in my very first order for some indie polish. This was spurred on by Harlow & Co having KBShimmer on sale. How could I say no to $7.20/polish on what looked to be absolutely AMAZING? So, my order was some glorious KBShimmer’s and one that wasn’t. I had been lusting after Happy Hands’ “Afternoon Thunderstorms” ever since I had discovered Harlow & Co.

Well, Canada Post came this morning and delivered my brand new beauties. I was so excited that I immediately ripped open the bag and unpacked my little lovelies. My order consisted of 6 KBShimmer (one is for a friend who doesn’t know that it’s coming to her) and my Happy Hands. The decision of what to try first ended up being a hard one but I wanted to know if my lust could actually be love.

ImageWell, it turns out that this will be one of my new loves. I’m sure there is enough love to go around to my other new beauties though. Although this polish is a lovely grey colour, it still works well for this sunny August day because of the amazing gold shimmer that runs throughout. The suspended black glitter provides some amazing depth to it as well. It’s speckled in the most perfect way. I also really liked the brush on this bottle. The brush is a bit on the wider side but not so much that it made it difficult to apply. I only managed to get a tiny amount on the end on my fingers because my nails are so short at the moment. I got very little on my cuticles. Formula wise, this polish was fairly dreamy to work with. It leant well to applying thin coats. It looked great at two coats but I applied a third to get some added glitter depth.

ImageThis is “Afternoon Thunderstorms” outside in the shade. It gives an amazing glow when in natural light. It seems to me that it looks lighter outside than inside.

ImageThis is an inside shot, artificial light, no flash to show you the difference in tone between artificial and natural light. Inside it feels like a mid toned grey while outside it leans toward a light grey. 

ImageLastly in my photo roundup is a sunshine shot. This shot really shows the glow of the gold shimmer. The lightness of this polish really comes through here. This is why I think that “Afternoon Thunderstorms” is perfect for the sunny August day in Vancouver.

What do you think? Are thunderstorms an acceptable thing to wear on a sunny summer day? Also, have you worn any Happy Hands before? I’d love to hear about some of their other polishes.



Is it love at first ombre?

Happy Sunday to everyone out there. This Sunday it’s a grey day in Vancouver. I’m okay with that though. I’m somewhat looking forward to fall so that I will be able to bust out some lovely deeper, darker  colours on my nails. In the meantime though, I have decided to play a little mix and match.

I painted my nails with one of my older OPI colours on Friday. This was “Don’t Feed the Hand Models” by Sephora by OPI. I have a mini bottle of this and will be quite sad when it runs out. The OPI mini bottles are 1/4 the size of a full size OPI. This means they’re great if you aren’t sure about a colour but sad if you love a colour and have moved past it’s time in the sun. The other drawback I’ve found is that they get goopy quite fast. I’ve purchased the OPI nail polish thinner but so far only ever had to use it on my mini bottles.


I apologise for the picture with my mug of tea. I should have taken one with the bottle but it’s so tiny and my mind completely blanked that I might want to share my picture with more than just the couple of people that I always send nail pics to. This picture was taken somewhat in sunshine inside a transit bus (taking me to work).

After wearing this on its own I felt that it was a little bit too blah for the summer. While I adore the colour, there is just something that wasn’t working for me. That’s when the idea to try and ombre struck me.

The colours that I chose were ones with a punch of colour. I applied Essie’s “Lights” with a sponge to the upper halves of my nails followed by a dab of Essie’s “Bazooka” on the tips. With this technique, “Bazooka” doesn’t have the same punchy orange red that it typically does. It serve to darken the ends and give “Lights” some depth.


This is the result of my first try at ombre. I’m not 100% sure how I feel about it. I think it’s the perfectionist in me that’s unsure. It’s a fun look, especially when you’re not looking very closely at it.

What do you think? Love the ombre look or is it so last year?


Good morning to any and all who want to read!

I’m under no delusion that I am any sort of beauty expert. To any of you who don’t know me personally, I am a 25 year old Vancouverite who has a (borderline unhealthy) fascination with all things beautiful. I named this blog Aphrodite in Vancouver because she is the goddess of love and beauty. I thought that was fitting for a place where I will share and discuss my love of beauty.

The purpose of this blog is to share my love of all things beauty. I’ll share reviews of my favourite things, both new and favourites. I’ll also just share random thoughts, opinions, and rants about the land of beauty products. I’m both a makeup and nail polish fiend.

At the end of the day, I hope you enjoy everything that you read. Feel free to share you opinions as well. I always love a good discussion on things that I both love and hate!